How fast can a Hobie 16 go?

How fast can a Hobie 16 go?

According to the American Sailing Association, Hobie claims that its Hobie 16 Catamaran has a max speed of nearly 24 knots (27.62 miles per hour) and “there are plenty of Hobie sailors who will agree and verify.”

What is the largest Hobie Cat?

The Getaway is the largest, most roomy catamaran platform around.

Do they still make the Hobie 14?

With origins dating back to 1968, the Hobie 14 was a revolution in water sports and now it’s back! The Hobie 14 catamaran is a recognized ISAF International Class, and has European and World Championships organized regularly.

How much wind do you need to sail a Hobie Cat?

In my experience, there is a minimum “ideal” wind level for the boat too that is probably around 4-5 knots. Below 4-5 knots, you start having problems with the battens in both sails.

What is a Hobie Cat?

See Wikipedia’s guide to writing better articles for suggestions. The Hobie Cat is a small sailing catamaran manufactured by the Hobie Cat Company. Hobie’s line of products includes surfboards, sailboats, kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, and pedalboards, although the Hobie Cat Company is known worldwide for its catamarans.

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What is a Hobie 14 Catamaran?

The Hobie 14 was the original catamaran designed by Hobie Alter. The general shape and design of the boat is very similar to the later Hobie 16. They share many of the same parts. The 14 was originally designed to be sailed from the beach through the surf and back. It’s a unirig with just a main sail.