How good are Elna capacitors?

How good are Elna capacitors?

Elna has been making high-quality capacitors for many years and has a superb reputation, providing high reliability and great sound.

Who makes Elna capacitors?

Elna America, Inc. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Elna Company, Ltd., Yokohama, Japan) is one of the world’s largest multi-national leaders in the design and manufacturing of aluminum electrolytic capacitors; tantalum solid-state electrolytic capacitors, and electric double layer capacitors.

What is Elna audio caps?

Compared to those traditional solid caps with high leakage current of 300uA, ELNA Audio Caps provide extreme low leakage current of merely 3uA, which means extreme low noise level. With better noise level control, ELNA Audio Caps allow everyone to enjoy the much more purified audio performance.

Where are Elna capacitors made?

Yokohama, Japan
in March 1968. However, the company was established in 1937, though not under the name “Elna”. Elna’s headquarters is located in Yokohama, Japan….Elna Co. Ltd is a Japanese manufacturer of electrolytic and electric double layer capacitors.

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What are silmic II capacitors?

The SILMIC II series are Elna’s highest grade audio capacitors that exhibit superior acoustic characteristics. An entirely new type of electrolytic separating paper is used, containing silk fibers. The extreme softness of silk can mitigate vibrational energy (generated by the electrodes, by external vibrations and by electromagnetic fields).

What kind of electrolytic paper is used in aluminum capacitor?

The “SILMIC” series of aluminum electrolytic capacitors for acoustic applications uses an entirely new type of electrolytic paper. The primary constituent of the newly developed electrolytic paper is silk fiber. This paper was believed unfathomable as an aluminum electrolytic capacitor.

Can Silk be used as an electrolyte capacitor?

Since silk is an animal product, the primary constituent of the fiber is protein. Normally, the vegetable fiber (Manila hemp or craft pulp) used in normal aluminum electrolyte capacitors has a cellulose base material. Simultaneously, this gives different shape and different characteristics of the fibers.

What is Elna silmic II RFS?

Elna Silmic II (RFS series) Smoother tone than traditional electrolyics (no peakiness on the top end). 100 hour burn in recommended. Radial oxygen free tinned copper leads.