How is Chicago Fire doing in the ratings?

How is Chicago Fire doing in the ratings?

For comparisons: Season nine of Chicago Fire on NBC averaged a 0.94 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 7.20 million viewers. Note: These are the final national ratings, including all live+same day viewing and DVR playback (through 3:00 AM).

Is Chicago Fire suitable for kids?

Parents need to know that Chicago Fire follows a group of men and women working in a dangerous occupation that invites injury and even death. Violence is portrayed more or less realistically, so you’ll see blood, serious injuries, and heavy flames.

How popular is Chicago Fire?

Chicago Fire (0.8, 724M) followed up as the night’s most-watched program and retained its predecessor’s demo rating. The best-performing Wednesday title for the second consecutive week, Chicago Fire aired its latest episode a week after the series halted production over positive Covid tests.

Is Chicago Fire Cancelled 2021?

While fans of many series will have to wait to learn whether their favorite shows will be coming back, Chicago Fire fans can rest at ease as the series has not been canceled.

How many views does Chicago Fire get?


Season Episodes Average viewers (million)
1 24 7.78
2 22 9.70
3 23 9.65

Is Chicago PD Cancelled for 2022?

NBC has officially announced that Chicago P.D. will return for Season 10 in fall 2022.

Is Chicago Fire a good show?

Chicago Fire isn’t offensive, just forgettable. It walks the line between shameless entertainment – hot guys, hot girls, the fires within, the fires without – and intelligent storytelling. It just doesn’t connect on a realistic level like we need shows like this to do.

How old should you be to watch Chicago Med?

Some of it is really graphic and the events that happen to the doctors and patients are awful but incredibly interesting. I’d recommend this to anyone 13+ and who has an interest in medicine.

What’s better Chicago P.D. or Chicago Fire?

Obviously, the ratings vary from season to season, and episode to episode, so it’s hard to say definitively which show is the most-watched. However, One Chicago Center compared the show’s numbers for May 12, 2021, and found that Chicago Fire had the highest, followed by Chicago Med, and Chicago P.D.

Why was Chicago Fire Cancelled?

Chicago Fire Suspends Production Due to Positive COVID Cases.

Why did they cancel Chicago Fire?

EXCLUSIVE: Filming on the NBC drama Chicago Fire was suspended today after a number of positive Covid tests, including cases in Zone A, which includes the cast and those who directly interact with them, I have learned.

There are no supernatural monsters or caped crusaders on Chicago Fire, and yet Dick Wolf ‘s enduring firehouse procedural stands as one of the 100 Best Shows Right Now.

Will Kidd and Severide break up on Chicago Fire?

Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 9 featured the return of Stella Kidd — and Kelly Severide seemed shocked to see his fiancée return to Chicago. Severide asked Kidd if she wanted to be with him at

Is the Great Chicago Fire real?

While you may not see the cast of Chicago Fire hanging out here in real life, you can visit and pick up some exclusive Chicago Fire merch. Reports state that Chicago Fire has also used the University of Illinois at Chicago as a filming location, much like Chicago Med and Chicago P.D.

How many seasons of Chicago Fire are there?

Over nine seasons, Chicago Fire has had a handful of main characters who have been there the whole time, while the surrounding cast has featured different actors moving in and out of the series. For example, Monica Raymund played firefighter Gabby Dawson.