How is papaya mosaic virus treated?

How is papaya mosaic virus treated?

Disinfect working tools or heat them in an oven at 150°C for 1 hour to kill the virus. Working tools or gloves can also be dipped in 0.525% sodium hypochlorite and then rinsed in water.

What is the transmission of papaya mosaic virus?

It is transmitted by mechanical inoculation. No insect vector is involved and it is not transmitted in seeds. Mature virions form banded inclusions that can be seen in leaf strips of infected plants when stained with either the Orange-Green protein stain or the Azure A nucleic acid stain.

Which is the vector of papaya mosaic disease in papaya?

Papaya mosaic diseases is mechanically transmissible viruses associated with other viral disease, from papaya mosaic virus in being aphid-borne and restricted in host range to papaya and cucurbits.

How can papaya virus be controlled?

The most effective treatment was application of neem oil 1% + Dimethoate 1.05% with least disease incidence (6.66%) and 41.66% respectively at 60 and 150 DAP.

How do you prevent papaya fungus?

Before papaya flowers appear or just as they appear, preventative fungicides may help control papaya anthracnose. Use a fungicide containing Copper hydroxide, Mancozeb, Azoxystrobin or Bacillus. Spray the orchard with the fungicide every two to four weeks.

How is papaya disease treated?

How do you protect papaya fruit from fungus?

What is the best fertilizer for papaya tree?

Papaya should be fertilized once every two months. Although the use of fertilizer in a particular area depends on soil and leaf analysis, 90 grams of urea, 250 grams of superphosphate, and 140 grams of muriate of potash are generally recommended for each plant.

What is the best fungicide for papaya?


Fungicides used to treat Papaya Diseases
Anthracnose Leaf Spot
Chlorothalonil, Copper oxychloride, Copper Sulfate (basic), Copper hydroxide, Mancozeb, Maneb, Maneb + Zinc, Sulfur + Copper Sulfate Mancozeb
Maneb + Zinc