How many Colorado state senators are there?

How many Colorado state senators are there?

Michael Bennet (Democratic Party)
John Hickenlooper (Democratic Party)

Who are the senators representing Colorado?

Its current U.S. senators are Democrats Michael Bennet (serving since 2009) and John Hickenlooper (serving since 2021). Henry M. Teller was Colorado’s longest-serving senator (1876–1882; 1885–1909).

What is the makeup of the Colorado Legislature?

Colorado General Assembly
Seats 100 35 Senators 65 Representatives
Senate political groups Democratic (20) Republican (15)
House of Representatives political groups Democratic (41) Republican (24)

What is the salary of a state senator in Colorado?

$40,242 annually
All members whose terms commence prior to January 2021 shall receive $40,242 annually. State law requires salaries to be paid in twelve equal monthly amounts. Therefore, members receive a full month salary in January at the beginning of their term, and their last month of salary in December at the end of their term.

How many US representatives are there in Colorado?

U.S. House of Representatives The delegation has a total of 7 members, including 4 Democrats and 3 Republicans. Tables showing membership in the Colorado federal House delegation throughout history of statehood in the United States.

Who are the House of Representatives in Colorado?

Current members

  • 1st district: Diana DeGette (D) (since 1997)
  • 2nd district: Joe Neguse (D) (since 2019)
  • 3rd district: Lauren Boebert (R) (since 2021)
  • 4th district: Ken Buck (R) (since 2015)
  • 5th district: Doug Lamborn (R) (since 2007)
  • 6th district: Jason Crow (D) (since 2019)
  • 7th district: Ed Perlmutter (D) (since 2007)

How many representatives are in Colorado?

There are 65 Representatives that serve the State of Colorado.

How many representatives does Co have?

For more information, see Executive Leadership. There are 65 Representatives that serve the State of Colorado. Find your legislator with the interactive map by following this link.

How to contact your US Senators and representatives from Colorado?

GovTrack shows US Senators and Representatives by state district.

  • US Senate – Colorado
  • Find your Senator and Representative by zipcode via Open Congress.
  • Project Vote Smart allows you to enter your zipcode+4 in order to look up your elected public servants.
  • The US House of Representatives website allows you to find your representative by zipcode .
  • How many representatives does Colorado have in the Senate?

    Senator John Hickenlooper,202-224-5941 (DC),Contact Form,Office Information,@SenatorHick.

  • Congressman Joe Neguse (CD-2),202-225-2161,Contact Form,Office Information,@RepJoeNeguse.
  • Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (CD-3),202-225-4761,Contact Form,Office Information,@RepBoebert.
  • Who are the state senators of Colorado?

    Colorado’s 1st State Senate district is one of 35 districts in the Colorado Senate.It has been represented by Republican Jerry Sonnenberg since 2015, succeeding fellow Republican Greg Brophy. It is the most Republican-leaning district in the Senate. [citation needed

    Who are the two senators in Colorado?

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