How many models does Toyota have worldwide?

How many models does Toyota have worldwide?

Toyota Motor Corporation produces vehicles under five brands: Daihatsu, Hino, Lexus, Ranz and the namesake Toyota.

What models of car do Toyota make?

Toyota Models

  • Toyota Avalon.
  • Toyota Camry.
  • Toyota Corolla.
  • Toyota Prius.
  • Toyota Yaris.
  • Toyota 86.
  • Toyota Sienna.
  • Toyota C-HR.

How many types of Toyota do we have?

Current vehicles

Model Current model
Introduction (model code)
CAMRY Camry 2017 (XV70)
CENTURY Century 2018 (G60)
COROLLA/COROLLA ALTIS (Prestige model) COROLLA/LEVIN (Sporty model) Corolla 2018 (E210)

What Toyota models are sold in Europe?


  • Aygo X. Coming Soon.
  • Yaris.
  • Yaris Cross.
  • Yaris GRMN.
  • GR Yaris.
  • Corolla Hatchback.
  • Corolla Touring Sports.
  • Which Toyota models are still made in Japan?

    That includes the Avalon, Camry, Corolla, Highlander, Tacoma, Tundra, Sienna and RAV4. Models built in Japan are the Yaris, FJ Cruiser and Land Cruiser.

    How many Toyota models are there in India?

    7 car models
    Toyota offers 7 car models in India, including 1 car in SUV category, 1 car in Sedan category, 1 car in Hatchback category, 1 car in Compact SUV category, 2 cars in MUV category, 1 car in Truck category. Toyota has 3 upcoming cars in India, Belta, Rumion and New Innova Crysta.

    Which Toyota models are built in Japan?

    What is the best selling car in Europe?

    In 2021, the Volkswagen Golf was again the top-selling car model in Europe but its popularity is in decline as the compact car sector continued to shrink. The Peugeot 208 was the second most popular car model in Europe followed by the Dacia Sandero that also outsold the Renault Clio in 2021.

    Are any Toyotas made in America?

    American Assembled Vehicles. More than 70% of the vehicles Toyota sells in the U.S. are assembled in North America. In fact, many of our most popular models that you see on the road everyday (shown below) are assembled right here in our own backyard.

    Which Toyotas are made in Canada?

    Toyota operates two vehicle manufacturing facilities in Canada. The Woodstock, Ontario facility assembles the best-selling Toyota RAV4 compact SUV, while Toyota’s Cambridge, Ontario plant builds the Lexus RX mid-size luxury SUV.

    What are Toyota’s flagship models?

    In the Japanese home market, Toyota has two flagship models: the Crown premium sedan and the Century limousine.

    What do you need to know about Toyota car models?

    Toyota Car Models. Toyota cars offer a little something for everyone. From sporty designs and chic lines to cutting-edge connectivity and safety features, Toyota car models help you blaze your own trail. Get to know Toyota cars with ample cargo space and sport-contoured front seats to help keep you and yours comfy.

    Who makes Toyota vehicles?

    This is a list of Toyota road vehicles from past and present, sold under the Toyota brand. Most are designed and manufactured by Toyota Motor Corporation, while some vehicles are produced by other companies and supplied to Toyota through an OEM supply basis. Many models are limited to some regions, while some others are marketed worldwide.

    How many luxury-branded sedans does Toyota make?

    As of 2009, the company sold nine luxury-branded models under its Lexus division, ranging from the LS sedan to RX crossover and LX SUV. Luxury-type sedans produced under the Toyota brand included the Century, Crown, and Crown Majesta. A limited-edition model produced for the Emperor of Japan was the Century Royal.