How many seating rows are in the Rose Bowl?

How many seating rows are in the Rose Bowl?

Tournament of Roses – Rose Bowl Game There are 77 numbered rows in the Rose Bowl Stadium. The lettered rows begin below Row 1, starting with Row A and descending down. The tunnels enter the stadium at Row 28. Each section is divided between low seats (1, 2, 3, etc.)

Which side of the Rose Bowl is in the shade?

It’s a concept that has been proposed for a while. The thinking is that the team is at a disadvantage on the sunny side of the stadium when playing on a hot day, with the east sideline in the direct sun, and the west sideline, the visitors’, in the shade.

What are the best seats at the Rose Bowl?

So, what are the best seats in the Rose Bowl? The best seats for viewing at the Pasadena Rose Bowl are in sections 3-6 as well as 17-20, in between rows 20-50. The stadium rises on a gradual slope, sitting between these sections will place you between the endzones as well as high enough to see all the action.

What type of seats are at the Rose Bowl?

Chairback seating at the Rose Bowl is primarily found in sideline sections, include sections 3 and 4 on the east sideline. The seating at Rose Bowl Stadium is a combination of bench-style seating and chairback-style seating.

Where should I sit at the Rose Bowl?

What are good seats at the Rose Bowl?

Seats with Backs – One of the most desirable seating options at the Rose Bowl are seats with backs. About half of the stadium has chairback seats, while the other half i…

Can you bring seat cushions to Rose Bowl?

Are seat cushions allowed to be carried into the stadium? Only soft, flexible seat cushions without pockets may be carried into the stadium. Large traditional seat cushions that have pockets, zippers, compartments, or covers are not permitted.

What is the strategic plan for the Rose Bowl?

In April 2009, The Rose Bowl Operating Company unveiled a Rose Bowl Strategic Plan, which addressed the objectives to improve public safety; enhance fan experience; maintain national historic landmark status; develop revenue sources to fund long-term improvements; and enhance facility operations.

Who designed the Rose Bowl in 1921?

The stadium was designed by architect Myron Hunt in 1921. His design was influenced by the Yale Bowl in New Haven, Connecticut, which opened in 1914. The Arroyo Seco was selected as the location for the stadium. The Rose Bowl was under construction from Feb. 27, 1922 to October 1922.

How many seats does the Rose Bowl hold?

For concerts held there, the Rose Bowl holds almost 60,000 people. The stadium’s 2014 remodeling removed the lower “lettered row” seats on each side behind the players’ benches and provided access in and out of the stadium for the lower sections of the Rose Bowl, restoring its original design.

What are some fun things to do around the Rose Bowl?

0 – 0 (5 – 4 on pen.) The Rose Bowl has hosted the Pasadena “Americafest” Independence Day celebration annually since 1927. The annual fireworks show is considered one of the top fireworks shows in the nation. Another local event is the Rose Bowl Flea Market held the second Sunday of each month, on the stadium parking lots.