How much does a cat d8k weight?

How much does a cat d8k weight?

70503.9 lbs
Operating Specifications

Fuel Capacity 169.1 gal (640 l)
Operating Weight 70503.9 lbs (31,980 kg)

How much does a D8 Cat dozer weight?

about 80,000 lb

Caterpillar D8
Length 186 in (470 cm)
Width 101 in (260 cm)
Height 156 in (400 cm)
Weight about 80,000 lb (36,000 kg) depending upon year, model and accessories.

How much does a Caterpillar dozer weigh?

The D4 XL has a standard weight, including blade, operator and full tank of fuel, of 17,961 pounds (give or take the operator’s size), while the LGP has a weight of 18,742 pounds. Without the blade, the width of the XL dozer is 79.1 inches, the length is 128.9 inches and the height is 108.8 inches tall.

How much does a d9h weight?

94313.8 lbs
Operating Specifications

Fuel Capacity 229.9 gal (870 l)
Operating Weight 94313.8 lbs (42,781 kg)

How much does a cat d8n weight?

82589.6 lbs
Operating Specifications

Alternator Supplied Amperage 50 A
Fuel Capacity 129 gal (488 l)
Hydraulic Fluid Capacity 18.5 gal (70 l)
Operating Voltage 24 V V
Operating Weight 82589.6 lbs (37,462 kg)

How much does a 1950 D8 weigh?

50,025 lbs.
Its operating weight was 50,025 lbs. By the 1950s the D8 would have style changes to the body and the ever-reliable D13000’s horsepower was increased 150 at the drawbar.

How much do bulldozers weight?

Sometimes referred to as a bulldozer, or crawler tractor, these machines can weigh as little as 10,000 lbs, while the largest dozers come in at over 300,000 lbs. These machines are commonly found in the mining and road building industries.

What does a d4 Caterpillar dozer weigh?

29259 lb

Engine Model Cat C4.4
Power – Net 130 HP (97 kW)
Operating Weight 29259 lb (13272 kg)
Net Power – ISO 9249 130 HP (97 kW)

What engine is in a D9H?

Let’s talk about its specifications; the Cat D9H Dozer has a strong built-in CAT engine with a total net power of 410 HP. The engine power is measured at 1800 rpm cycle and has a displacement of 1476.8 cu in. The total operational weight of the dozer is 42780 kg and the fuel capacity is 870 liters.