How much does it cost to study medicine in Cyprus?

How much does it cost to study medicine in Cyprus?

Cost of studying Medicine in Cyprus

Program Approx. Tuition Fee (yearly)
Medicine, MBBS 33,719 USD
Medicine, MD (University of Nicosia, Medical School) 20231 USD (first 3 years) 24727 USD (last 3 years)
Medicine, MD (Near East University) 14162 USD
Nursing Program 6294 USD

What is the best medical school in Cyprus?

1 (708) University of Cyprus CYP
2 (786) Eastern Mediterranean University CYP
3 (793) Cyprus University of Technology CYP
4 (834) European University of Cyprus CYP
5 (841) Near East University CYP

Are schools in Cyprus free?

Public tertiary (non-university level) education is also free. Public higher education (undergraduate level) is basically free for Cypriots and EU citizens, as the Government fully pays the fees which the Councils of the universities set. International undergraduate students from out with the EU countries pay fees.

How long is medical school in Cyprus?

The University of Nicosia offers you a 4-year graduate entry medicine course. How long will my course last in Cyprus? If you chose the medicine programme, it will take you 6 years. However, if you prefer dentistry or pharmacy, it will be 5 years.

Can I study medicine in English in Cyprus?

The largest university in Cyprus, the University of Nicosia medical school has become one of Europe’s leading medical schools, and the largest university in southern Europe, with around 11,000 students. The University of Nicosia welcomes students from around the world to study medicine in Cyprus in English.

Is Cyprus Medical School good?

University of Nicosia Medical School is regarded as one of the best medical schools in Cyprus that have produced graduates, about 99.8% of them, who have between 2015 and 2021 offered positions at over 200 medical centres around the world for residency training, research and internships.

Are there English schools in Cyprus?

American International School of Cyprus (AISC) Instruction is in English and the curriculum is based on the American system, as well as offering the IB program. The school is accredited by MSA, member of ECIS, and is approved by the Cyprus Ministry of Education.

Is school mandatory in Cyprus?

Primary and secondary education are mandatory in Cyprus. Attendance in the public sector schools is free for all classes from ages 5 to 18, and mandatory from ages 5 to 15. The language of instruction is Greek, while English is taught as a second language from first grade.

How do I become a doctor in Cyprus?

In order to practice as a “Doctor” in the Republic of Cyprus, one must be registered in the Cyprus Medical Register by the Cyprus Medical Council, to the provisions of the Medical Registration Law (Cap. 250), as periodically amended.

Is Cyprus good for medicine?

Cyprus offers a unique setting to study medicine in an island setting in the Mediterranean. Its programs are all offered in English and the country has a great quality of life, also offering excellent weather and stunning locations. As it is a small country, the university scene in Cyprus is not huge.