How much does the Deseret News cost?

How much does the Deseret News cost?

The Church News print edition is available with the Deseret News local edition for $4 a week or the Deseret News national edition for $69 a year. Both editions also come with Deseret, a monthly magazine. Contact 801-204-6100 or [email protected] for more information about subscribing to the Deseret News.

Does the LDS Church own Deseret News?

The Deseret News is owned by the Deseret Management Corp., a holding company for businesses affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Officers and staff of the Deseret News report to an eight-person board that sets policy but is not involved in daily editing of the newspaper.

How do I cancel my Deseret News subscription?

This subscription to the Deseret News and/or The Salt Lake Tribune is a CONTINUOUS subscription for as long as the service is offered. You will be billed at the interval you have selected, which shall be your Billing Term. You may cancel by calling Customer Service at 801-204-6100.

Who owns SLC Tribune?

After two years of intense negotiations, Utah businessman Paul Huntsman bought the newspaper, becoming owner and publisher in 2016.

What is the Deseret magazine?

The Deseret News (/ˌdɛzəˈrɛt/ ( listen)) is a newspaper published in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States. Until December 31, 2020, it was Utah’s oldest continuously published daily newspaper; it has the largest Sunday circulation in the state.

Does the LDS Church own the Salt Lake Tribune?

The Salt Lake Tribune is a newspaper published in the city of Salt Lake City, Utah. The Tribune is owned by The Salt Lake Tribune, Inc., a non-profit corporation….The Salt Lake Tribune.

The July 27, 2005, front page of The Salt Lake Tribune
Type Daily newspaper (1870–2020) Weekly newspaper (after 2020)
Founded 1870 (as the Mormon Tribune)

Does the LDS Church own Salt Lake Tribune?

How did Huntsman make his money?

He founded Huntsman Chemical, the precursor to Huntsman Corp. In all, he purchased 34 companies, including Texaco’s petrochemicals operation for $1.06 billion in 1994. A four-time cancer survivor, he founded an institute to find a cure for the disease.

Who is behind Deseret News?

Deseret News

Owner(s) Deseret News Publishing Company (Deseret Management Corporation)
Publisher Robin Ritch
Editor Doug Wilks
Founded June 15, 1850 (171 years ago)
Headquarters 55 N 300 W Salt Lake City, Utah 84101 United States