How much HP does a DT466E have?

How much HP does a DT466E have?

300hp @ 2,200 rpm
International DT466 Specs

Manufacturer Navistar International *
Engine Weight 1,425+ lbs
B50 Life 550,000 miles
Horsepower Up to 300hp @ 2,200 rpm
Torque (lb-ft) Up to 860 lb-ft @ 1,300 rpm

How much power can a DT466 handle?

The engine can crank out more than 3,000 hp and can be spun to an insane 7,500 rpm.

What Turbo is on a DT466?

International Navistar DT466 DT408P Turbocharger.

How long will a DT466 last?

The DT466/DT466E diesel engines were given a life expectancy of 350,000 miles, but with proper maintenance, engine life could extend up to 550,000 miles.

How many liters is a International 466?

The International DT466 engine is a 7.6-liter truck engine used in school buses, farm equipment, dump trucks and construction equipment. It also is utilized in the International CXT, a pickup truck built on the International 20-ton hauler platform.

What year did the DT466E come out?

Electronic injection Variants

Navistar DT466E
Production 1994-2004
Configuration Inline-6 wet-sleeved

Are there any problems with the dt466e engine?

DT466E emissions and electrical issues – DT466E engines (1995 – 2007) simply have more electronics and emissions equipment, and issues become more common with the 1995+ model year DT466E engines. It’s not always an actual failure but rather small details that make them more complicated to repair.

Does Navistar still make the DT466 engine?

Beginning in 2007, Navistar International retired the DT466/DT466E namesake in favor of new emissions-compliant engine family, called the MaxxForce DT. Navistar International produced the earlier engine models at its foundry operations in Indianapolis, Indiana, which closed shortly after production ended in 2015.

What kind of injection system does the DT466 have?

The first version of the DT466 had a mechanical injection system. As global emissions standards became stricter in the mid-1990s, Navistar International had to make emissions improvements to the engines.

How much does it cost to replace the actuator on DT466?

Our local truck shop told us that the actuator was bad on our 06 4300 DT466 last fall, and told us it had to be replaced with the entire turbo at a price of $1500 plus labor. Is it something I could have seperated and done in house?