How much rice does Bangladesh produce?

How much rice does Bangladesh produce?

35.3 million metric tons
USDA estimates 2020/21 Bangladesh rice production at 35.3 million metric tons (milled basis), down nearly 2 percent from last month, and down nearly 2 percent from last year.

What is the position of Bangladesh in rice production?

As per the USDA data, with a production of 3.6 crore tonnes of rice Bangladesh stands in third position globally in rice production after China and India that produce 14.6 crore tonnes and 11.6 crore tonnes respectively. Earlier Indonesia was in third position, producing 3.49 crore tonnes of rice.

How much rice does Bangladesh consume?

“Per capita rice consumption in Bangladesh is 400 grams daily — which is the highest in the world. In many countries, people’s average rice consumption is 200 grams daily,” he said.

What percentage of Bangladesh’s cultivated area is under rice crops?

Rice is grown on about 10.5 million hectares which has remained almost stable over the past three decades. About 75% of the total cropped area and over 80% of the total irrigated area is planted to rice. Thus, rice plays a vital role in the livelihood of the people of Bangladesh.

How much rice is produced per year?

Worldwide 742,541,804 tonnes of rice is produced per year.

Which district grows the highest amount of paddy in Bangladesh?

Aman occupied the largest rice harvested area….Bangladesh.

Production zone Harvested area (% total harvested area)
Rangpur 9.38
Sylhet 7.84
Rajshahi 6.76
Chittagong H.T 6.47

What is rice called in Bangladesh?

Rice is cultivated in Bangladesh throughout the year as Aush, Aman or Boro. Aman (broadcast and transplanted) is generally cultivated in December-January, Boro in March-May, and Aus in July-August cropping seasons.

What is the percentage of farmers in Bangladesh?

More than 70 percent of Bangladesh’s population and 77 percent of its workforce lives in rural areas. Nearly half of all of Bangladesh’s workers and two-thirds in rural areas are directly employed by agriculture, and about 87 percent of rural households rely on agriculture for at least part of their income.

Who is the largest producer of rice?

This is how much rice is produced around the world – and the countries that grow the most

  • Just 10 countries are responsible for almost 85% of the world’s rice production.
  • China and India are the top two producers, accounting for more than half of the global total.

Who produces the most rice?

Globally, the top rice-producing country is China, followed by India.