How much should you write for a 20 mark question in history?

How much should you write for a 20 mark question in history?

Main Body. The main body of the essay should be around 3 or 4 paragraphs for a 20 marker and 4 or 5 paragraphs in length for a 30 marker, meaning that there should be 4 or 5 points that come from both the item that you have been given as well as your own knowledge.

How do you answer a 12 mark question in history?

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How many pages is a 20 Mark essay?

When I started my english literature classes, the least I wrote for a 20 mark question used to be 5 pages. I later improved my grades by realising, that’s not how it should’ve been done. Here’s my take: To qualify for 20 marks (highest marks question), the answer has to be subjective.

How much should I write for a 2 mark question?

For a 2-marks question, writing 2-3 lines is sufficient in about 40 words. If it’s English or Social Science, you can extend the answer to not more than 50 words. 😉 Now 5-marks questions are very important.

How long is a 350 word essay?

Documents that typically contain 350 words are high school and college essays, short blog posts, and news articles. A 350 word count will create about 0.7 pages single-spaced or 1.4 pages double-spaced when using normal margins (1″) and 12 pt. Arial or Times New Roman font.

How much should you write for a 5 mark question?

Aim for a paragraph with 6-8 lines of writing. Remember not to spend too much time on your 5 marker though, as it is worth 12.5% of the marks for a section, and move on to your 10 marker if you spend 2 minutes more on it than you should.

How much should I write for a 7 mark question?

Answer. Answer: You can write 4-5 pages.