How old was Gregory Smith during Everwood?

How old was Gregory Smith during Everwood?

Now the actor, who stars as 16-year-old Ephram Brown on the WB’s “Everwood” (9 p.m. ET Mondays), has teen-idol looks — aqua-gray eyes no longer hidden by specs and, on this day, a hint of stubble on his chin. He’s 20, although he believes “people still think I’m 12 when they look at me.”

What happened to Gregory Smith from Everwood?

Gregory Smith (Ephram Brown) Smith has since focused on directing, working behind the camera on episodes of Arrow, Saving Hope, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Superman & Lois, among others.

How tall is Gregory Smith?

5′ 10″Gregory Smith / Height

Did Ephram Everwood play the piano?

-Gregory Smith (Ephram Brown) actually didn’t play piano. For pulled back shots, a professional piano player basically stuck his hands through Smith’s arms and played the piano.

Who is Gregory Smith?

Gregory Edward Smith is a Canadian actor, writer, and director. Smith has appeared in several Hollywood films, and is known for his roles as Alan Abernathy in Small Soldiers, Ephram Brown on The WB television series Everwood, and as Dov Epstein on the ABC/Global police drama series Rookie Blue.

Where is Everwood filmed?

(Leah Hogsten | Tribune File Photo) The WB television series titled “Everwood” is filmed in Salt Lake City on Sept. 9, 2002. After the wife of Dr. Andrew Brown (played by Treat Williams) suddenly dies, the high-powered Manhattan surgeon relocates his family to Everwood, Colo.

How is Greg Smith now?

Today, Smith is a postdoctoral researcher at Mount Sinai where he studies stochastic gene expression. He is now 26 years old.

Is Greg Smith married?

Taylor McKayGregory Smith / Spouse (m. 2018)

How old is Greg Smith?

32 years (June 9, 1989)Greg Smith / Age

What high school was used in Everwood?

JUAN DIEGO CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL It’s most well-known role in the Utah film industry came from The WB series, Everwood (2002-2006), where the campus took on the role of Everwood High School.