Is Action Bronson a real chef?

Is Action Bronson a real chef?

Before embarking on a career as a rapper, which was originally just a hobby, Bronson was a gourmet chef in New York City. He hosted his own online cooking show, Action in the Kitchen. After breaking his leg in the kitchen, Bronson concentrated solely on his music career.

What restaurants did Action Bronson work in?

Bronson does not have a restaurant. But he was a chef in New York City before being a rapper. His passion for cooking makes him work at his father’s restaurant called Mediterranean restaurant. He learned cooking from his mother and grandmother.

Did Action Bronson attend culinary school?

Before he was a rapper, Action Bronson went to culinary school and was a full-time chef. Bronson joins us on today’s foodcast to talk rap, Albanian food, and being cooked for by Daniel Boulud.

Is Action Bronson a good cook?

A chef who became a rap artist after a broken leg kept him out of the kitchen, Bronson (born Ariyan Arslani) is now noted for both his rap skills and his culinary expertise. And with a food show and a cookbook under his belt, Bronson is more famous than ever.

Does Action Bronson have 1 leg?

For New Yorker Action Bronson, the phrase “break a leg” doesn’t relate to good luck. In 2011, he was working as a cook at his dad’s restaurant in Queens when he slipped on a wet floor, causing a leg break that brought his career to a halt.

What is Action Bronson’s diet?

Bronson is known for fearlessly eating any cuisine on his show “F—, That’s Delicious!” But he thought his indulgent lifestyle would to an early death, so he decided to change his ways. The 37-year-old renaissance man swapped pizza and quesadillas for protein shakes and grilled chicken.

How did Action Bronson break his leg in the kitchen?

In 2011, he was working as a cook at his dad’s restaurant in Queens when he slipped on a wet floor, causing a leg break that brought his career to a halt. “It was a trying time,” Bronson (né Ariyan Arslani) tells The Post. “I wasn’t sure what I was gonna do.” Luckily, he was already working on a backup plan: rapping.

What happened to Ariyan Arslani?

When Ariyan Arslani broke his leg in 2011 while working at his father’s restaurant in Queens, he left his job as a gourmet chef and started rapping. Better known by his stage name Action Bronson, he released his first album Dr. Lecter (2011) that same year, at 27 years old.

Who has been a guest on Mario Arslani’s show?

Mario Batali, Andrew Zimmern, Daniel Boulud, Rick Bayless, Grant Achatz, and others have been guests on his television series. In September 2017, Arslani published his first book, based on his travel show, a cookbook, also entitled Fuck, That’s Delicious .

When did Ariyan Arslani release his first album?

He released his major label debut album, Mr. Wonderful, on March 23, 2015. Ariyan Arslani was born in Flushing, Queens, New York City, on December 2, 1983, to an Albanian Muslim father and an American Jewish mother. Growing up he had been raised in his father’s Muslim tradition.

What record label is Charles Arslani signed to?

In August 2012, he signed with Warner Bros. Records, but was later moved to the Atlantic Records -distributed label Vice Records . Arslani hosts a talk/variety show The Untitled Action Bronson Show, as well as his travel program Fuck, That’s Delicious, on Viceland.