Is BigHit launching a girl group in 2021?

Is BigHit launching a girl group in 2021?

Big Hit are making a girl group but it will be a collaboration project with Source Music. This was announced a year ago and they already ran auditions to select trainees for the group at the end of 2019. They’re aiming for a 2021 debut.

Which girl group is under BigHit?

GFriend are currently Big Hit’s only girl group, under their subsidiary Source Music.

Can a Indian girl join Big Hit?

Big Hit Entertainment audition is only open for boys who fall under the age group of 12 to 18. Every country citizen is eligible for participating in the show. Females and girls can also be a part of the BHE audition 2021.

Does Big Hit accept Indian girl trainees?

Can girls debut in Big Hit?

Both boys and girls can participate in this show, only your age should be from 12 years to 18 years. There are online auditions for this show, through which auditions are taken in different cities. And in auditions, only those who are eligible for the show are selected.

What’s big Hit Entertainment’s new girl group project?

Big Hit Entertainment ‘s upcoming new girl group project will be managed under a new subsidiary label headed by Min Hee Jin (pictured above), the current Chief Brand Officer (CBO) of Big Hit and a former SM director. She will be collaborating with Big Hit and Source Music – home to Gfriend – to produce Big Hit Labels’s first rookie girl group.

Is big hit’s new girl group coming in 2021?

According to Big Hit the group will be from diverse backgrounds and have unique charms. During Big Hit’s recent corporate briefing Bang Si-hyuk spoke about the girl group saying: “There’s another Source Music girl group undergoing remarkable new changes. We introduced them in our previous briefing. It’s a new group set to debut in 2021.

Is big hit labels producing a new girl group?

This will also mark Big Hit’s first involvement in the production of a girl group since GLAM . Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that the new Big Hit Labels girl group will have different backgrounds and languages from all over the world being represented.

Who is big hit’s new girl group ‘plus’?

This girl group, slated to debut in 2021, will be Big Hit’s second: In July, The label acquired Source Music, which was home to the six-member group GFriend. The Plus Global Audition is set to take place in 16 cities across three continents.