Is British Council available in China?

Is British Council available in China?

Through Generation UK, the British Council has opened up a range of opportunities in China, giving you the chance to experience this unique country while gaining valuable skills for the future.

How can I get hired in China?

Many foreigners choose to work and live in China. The best way to find a job in China is to know a contact person who works for a company in China. If you don’t have this relationship, the easiest way to find a job is through the Internet.

How can I teach English in China?

Follow these 6 steps to get hired to teach English in China in 2021 & 2022

  1. Call An Advisor & Begin Your Research.
  2. Enroll in a TEFL Course.
  3. Prepare For Your Job Search.
  4. Interview & Apply for Positions.
  5. Sign A Contract, Make Travel & Visa Arrangements.
  6. Hop On a Plane to China and Begin Your New Adventure!

Can you go to China to study?

Currently, only a few international students are able to go to China – those studying at Tianjin Juilliard, NYU Shanghai (and here), some Schwarzman Scholarship students, South Korean students, 30 Nicaraguan scholarship holders, 80+ Solomon Island students, some Thai students, some Sri Lankan students, some Sri Lankan …

How can I get a job in China from UK?

If you’re a British citizen, you must obtain a visa before travelling to work in China. You don’t need a visa to work in Hong Kong. The type of visa you’ll require depends on the length and purpose of your stay. To work in China, you’ll need a Z visa and an official invitation to the country by an employer.

Can foreigners get a job in China?

Working as a foreigner in China Be aware that you must obtain a Z Visa, or Chinese work visa, to legally work in China. In fact, the Z Visa is the only way you can be legally employed in the country. Employment on tourist or business visas is punishable by law and can result in deportation.