Is Cheddar Gorge cliff top walk free?

Is Cheddar Gorge cliff top walk free?

Located in the Mendip Hills, 50 minutes away from Bath and Bristol, the spectacular gorge offers a breathtaking walk along the cliff tops, fantastic views over the Somerset countryside and a great opportunity to spot wildlife. While visiting Cheddar Gorge is free, you may need to pay for parking.

How long is cheddar cliff top walk?

Logistics for the clifftop Cheddar Gorge walk

  • Distance: 3.5 miles.
  • Time: 1h 40min.
  • Elevation: Highest point is about 250m.
  • Difficulty: Medium/Challenging.
  • Terrain: Very rocky in parts, dirt and grass trail.
  • Tips: Hiking boots/shoes 100%.
  • Time of year: We did this during May.

Is Jacob’s Ladder cheddar free?

Even though this is a circular walk, make sure you begin here, as starting in the other direction, you need to pay to go up Jacob’s Ladder (however, it is free to come down Jacob’s Ladder… more on that next!). The walk takes you up a steady slope, passing an ancient cave on your way.

Where can I park for free at Cheddar?

Ample free all day parking at the various entrances of the Cheddar Reservoir. (You will see this reservoir later on from the view of the gorge up the permissive free path. There is a wonderful National Trust walk around the reservoir which gives amazing views).

How much does Cheddar Gorge cost?

Ticket prices

Visitor Price*
Adult (16yrs+) £20.95
Child (5-15yrs) £15.70
Infant (0-4yrs) £0.00
Carer (Any) £0.00

Do you have to pay to get into Cheddar Gorge?

Gorge is free and you can stop and take pictures – mind the goats! Gough’s cave is absolutely spectacular and the cave aged cheddar cheese is a taste sensation!!!!!

Where do you park to walk Cheddar Gorge?

Parking is available close to the start of all walks – there is paid or free street parking in the village centre, free parking at Black Rock and at Sharpham Road for the reservoir walk, and also free parking in the Gorge east of The Pinnacles.