Is Friends the best show ever?

Is Friends the best show ever?

Survey says ‘Friends’ is greatest TV show ever, even better than these other shows. Well, ya gotta have friends! Americans believe “Friends” is the best TV show ever, according to a new poll.

What is the highest rated episode of Friends?

“The One Where Everybody Finds Out” is the highest-rated Friends episode. At least, that’s according to the IMDb ratings. As the title implies, this is the episode in which everybody finds out about Chandler and Monica and the secret relationship they’ve been having.

Why did Friends become so popular?

The show was such a great success and some of it is partly because of the fact that it’s true to life. Their lives, friendship with each other, and struggles in personal and professional life were so relatable and it made the show interesting and popular.

Why are Friends popular in India?

So, for many Indians, Friends the TV show was pretty much their first exposure to the American culture and the American way of life. This is how Friends gained it’s popularity, over the world and continues to do so even now.

What age is Friends for?

Recommended with some context. I do recommend this for 10+, but it really is your choice. Personally, I have a 11 year old and I let her watch it and she LOVED it. Before she did watch it, I had “The talk” with her. This definitely made me feel more confident about the things that she saw on the show.

Why Friends is a must watch?

FRIENDS was more than just a TV show- it became the face of pop culture. It was fresh, new, and unusual as compared to the other shows going on at the time. It resonated with youngsters to an extent that even newer generations can watch and relate to almost every dilemma portrayed in the series.

What PG is Friends?

As they begin rating their shows for the first time, ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox are applying the TV-PG label to nearly every sitcom in prime time, from “Murphy Brown” to “Friends” to “Married . . .

Do Indians watch Friends?

Seventeen years later, the Friends HBO Max reunion special — picked up by Indian streaming platform Zee5 — was watched by over a million people within the first few hours in India and Pakistan. Friends is a regular fixture of Netflix India’s top 10 most-streamed movies and shows (number 10 at the time of publishing).

Why do so many viewers relate to the characters in friends?

Characters’ contradictions and mistakes make them questionable role models but also account for why so many viewers relate to them. The friends frequently talk through their problems openly and honestly with one another, which could be viewed as a model for communication within families. Talk to your kids about

Is friends the best sitcom ever?

One of the best comedies ever! Friends is a hilarious sitcom! It’s characters are very likable and wonderfully played, the situations it puts it’s characters in are hilarious! Over the 10 years, we have grown to sympathize and care for each of these friends so much that we see them as our own friends.

What do you think about friends?

“Friends ” ,a idiotic show about a group of (unfunny ) morons that talk a lot of stupid (and unfunny ) things that nobody will say in real life. Basically it tries to be a adorable romantic comedy ,but the whole result is just annoying ,inane and unrealistic . This show isn’t charming at all is just stupid .