Is Georgina Wilson owner of sunnies?

Is Georgina Wilson owner of sunnies?

Founded in 2013, Sunnies Studios has since expanded to offering prescription eyeglasses, and has ventured into the makeup industry, with Sunnies Face, and the food industry, with Sunnies Café….Sunnies Studios.

Type Private
Founded 2013
Founders Eric Dee Bea Soriano Dee Martine Cajucom Georgina Wilson Jessica Wilson (Sunnies Face)

Is sunnies face a Philippine brand?

Sunnies Face is a Filipino beauty brand that’s grown a dedicated following since launching in 2018, including in the states, despite fans not being able to purchase any of the products.

Who is Eric Dee Jr?

The co-founder of Sunnies Studios, the spec-tacular brand for affordable and trendy sunglasses established in 2013, Eric was not one to rest on his laurels. His father, Rikki, is a mainstay in the F&B industry, and Eric still helps out with family business managing award-winning restaurants.

Who is Martine ho?

Martine Ho is the creative director of Sunnies Studios, known for selling stylish eyewear at affordable prices. The company has extended the same principle to the beauty market with its Sunnies Face make-up range, and has even branched out into F&B with Sunnies Cafe.

Where is sunnies face manufactured?

It is manufactured in PRC which in People’s Republic of China, which is China.

How is Martine cajucom related to Isabelle Daza?

Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on June 5, 2017! 1 ICYDK, Martine Cajucom isn’t just the creative genius behind Sunnies Studios, she’s also the cousin of Georgina Wilson and Isabelle Daza.

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Is sunnies face made in China?