Is Goldberg coming back to WWE?

Is Goldberg coming back to WWE?

Meanwhile, as reported by Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select, Goldberg is returning to the wrestling company to compete in the Elimination Chamber 2022 PPV, scheduled to be held in Saudi Arabia on February 19.

Who did Goldberg first loss to?

However, before Goldberg captured the Universal Championship, Paul Heyman set up Lesnar and Goldberg’s match at WrestleMania 33. The Universal Title became an afterthought in their rivalry, as the match was big enough without a championship. The defeat was Goldberg’s first loss in a one-on-one match in WWE.

Has Goldberg left WWE?

Remarkably, more than two decades after the end of WCW, Goldberg is still active, with one more match on his current deal. He last performed at WWE’s Crown Jewel show in October, defeating Bobby Lashley in a no-holds-barred, falls-count-anywhere match. “That’s what I needed,” Goldberg says.

Is Goldberg done?

According to, Goldberg is done with the final match of his current contract. Thus, he is technically a free agent. Roman Reigns will get credit for retiring the former Universal Champion if the latter doesn’t re-sign a new contract with WWE.

Did Brock Lesnar retire?

Speaking on The Michael Kay Show, Lesnar explained that, at least in his mind, he retired after losing to McIntyre in April 2020: “I actually retired when COVID hit and my contract was up in 2020.

Why is WWE bringing back Goldberg?

WWE—apparently by it own admission—is bringing back Goldberg for a marquee match against Drew McIntyre at the 2021 Royal Rumble because of its struggles to establish new main event stars.

Will Goldberg eventually return to WWE?

WWE News: Goldberg Set To Have Matches It would appear that the WWE are not done with Goldberg just yet, and it has been revealed that he could be set to return over the coming months as preparations for the Royal Rumble begin to heat up.

When is Goldberg coming back to WWE?

On the February 7, 2020 broadcast of SmackDown, Goldberg made his comeback to the WWE, appearing via satellite and challenging “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt to a fight for the Universal Championship, which Wyatt accepted, resulting in a contest between the two taking place at Super ShowDown on March 1, 2020. Who is Goldberg’s wife?

Why did Goldberg leave WWE?

Be the butt of a joke in a promo

  • Sell a move
  • Lose clean or unclean
  • Not be involved in the last match of the night
  • Make someone else look credible if they were smaller than him