Is Grelka Marriable Skyrim?

Is Grelka Marriable Skyrim?

According to the German Skyrim wiki, Grelka is eligible for marriage after the player invests in her store.

Is Grelka a follower?

Unfortunately, you can’t hire Grelka as a follower, but you can buy weapons and armour off her as well as getting Light Armor training up to level 75. If you’re playing on a PC you can also marry her through a console command.

Where can I find Grelka in Skyrim?

Grelka is a Nord who lives in Riften. She trains Light Armor at the Expert-level and serves as a merchant of armor and weapons. During the day, she sells her wares at a booth in the center of town. She sleeps at Haelga’s Bunkhouse.

Who wants 10 bear pelts Skyrim?

Temba Wide-Arms
Gather 10 bear pelts for Temba Wide-Arms She accepts any sort of bear pelt (regular Bear Pelts, Cave Bear Pelts or Snow Bear Pelts are all equally acceptable). The pelts can be acquired by killing bears or purchased or stolen.

Why does Grelka want to leave Skyrim?

Grelka is not originally from Skyrim, and wants to leave due to the political turmoil, Civil War, and the reappearance of the dragons. She sells goods in Riften, hoping to earn enough money to eventually leave Skyrim. Grelka is prejudiced against Argonians, as is evident in her treatment of Madesi.

How to get Grelka to follow you?

According to the wiki, it is possible to get Grelka (Female Nord in Riften) to follow you, and even marry her. However from what I can see she has no quests, and wearing an amulet of mara doesn’t change any dialogue options.

What happens if you steal from Grelka?

Any Grelka earns from training sessions enters her spending limit reserve for her stall. Thus, after training with her, she can then buy more goods with that money. Stealing from Grelka may prompt her to send hired thugs after the thief.

Is Grelka Solaf’s sister?

According to the Official Game Guide, she is the sister of Solaf and Bolund in Falkreath. Grelka currently lives in Haelga’s Bunkhouse. She starts off her day by waking up at 7am and has breakfast at the Bee and Barb for an hour.