Is Letraset still made?

Is Letraset still made?

Letraset was a company known mainly for manufacturing sheets of typefaces and other artwork elements that can be transferred to artwork being prepared. Letraset has been acquired by the Colart group and become part of its subsidiary Winsor & Newton.

Who makes Letraset?

By the late 1980s, Letraset’s star was in decline and in 1981 Letraset was acquired by Swedish paper company Esselte, and in 1984, ITC (International Typeface Corporation – the type company set up by Lubalin, Edward Ronthaler and Aaron Burns in New York in 1970) was ambitiously added to the group.

How did Letraset work?

Letraset was a lot like the decals you use when you make model aircraft! It basically consisted of an alphabet of letters screen printed onto the reverse of a sheet of translucent (usually blue/grey) film and then coated with an adhesive.

How are dry transfers made?

Dry transfers, also called rubdown transfers, are made using film negatives and photosensitive chemicals that superimpose an image onto transfer substrate. Each custom dry transfer requires a negative to be made for each color in the image.

What are dry transfer decals?

Dry transfers (also called rub-ons or rubdowns) are decals that can be applied without the use of water or other solvent. Dry transfer lettering such as Letraset brand is used where hand-drawn lettering is laborious to apply.

What has replaced Letraset?

Rub on Transfers are an exceptional alternative to Letraset Mecanorma & Chartpak Lettering Sheets, WaterSlide Decals & Vinyl Stickers. Rub on transfers can reproduce small details that are not possible or practical with custom cut Vinyl sticker decals.

How do I write a Decadry letter?

To apply the letters, the film should be placed over your substrate and each individual letter rubbed with a pencil or pen. The packaging for the Decadry Transfer rub-on letters includes a transparent sheet with the lettering and a silicone coated release liner.

Can you make dry transfer decals?

Example of a possible dry transfer decal design. Dry transfers are a type of decal that can be applied without water or another solvent. To apply a dry transfer, you need to place it face down on the object you’re applying it to, and evenly rub along the backing with a stylus or another stiff tool.