Is Nizamuddin and Old Delhi same?

Is Nizamuddin and Old Delhi same?

Old Delhi is Delhi station, some know it as Delhi Jn, and a few know it as Delhi main. Hazrat Nizamuddin is the furthest south of all the major stations. New Delhi is between Nizamuddin and (old) Delhi stations, and is the nearest station to Paharganj and Conaught Circus.

How many km is Nizamuddin from Delhi?

The distance between Hazrat Nizamuddin and Delhi (Station) is 9 km.

Which station is near to Old Delhi railway station?

Chandni Chowk Metro Station
Old Delhi Railway Station Nearest Metro Station

Metro Station Name Distance Line
Chandni Chowk Metro Station 1.2 KM. Yellow Line

What is the difference between NDLS and Nzm?

1 Mile is about 1609 metres. 1 Nautical Mile is exactly 1852 metres….

Origin Nzm Railway Station, Delhi, India
Destination Ndls Railway Station, Delhi, India
Driving Distance 1 kms or 0.6 miles or 0.5 nautical miles
Driving Time 1 minutes

Is Nizamuddin A Express?

The train 12643 is named as Nizamuddin Express. It leaves Trivandrum at 14:30 on day 1 and reaches New Delhi at 17:10 on day 3.It takes 50 hrs 40 mins to reach from its source to the destination. Some of the major stations that the train passes through on its way are VIJAYAWADA JUNCTION, NAGPUR, and H NIZAMUDDIN.

Which is nearest railway station to Nizamuddin railway station?

Station Train Frequency Distance
(NZM)H NIZAMUDDIN 250 0.35 Kms
(NDLS)NEW DELHI 347 6.55 Kms

Which DTC bus goes to Nizamuddin?

DTC bus 181 runs about 81 trips every day from E Block Jahangirpuri and Nizamuddin Railway Station bus stop and passes through 65 bus stops during the one-way trip.

Which metro line goes to Old Delhi Railway Station?

Yellow Line
Chandni Chowk Metro Station is located on the Yellow Line of the Delhi Metro Station. It is the nearest metro to the Old Delhi Railway Station. It is only 0.19 km or a 2-minute walking distance from the Old Delhi Station.

How do I get from NDLS to Nzm?

The quickest way to get from New Delhi to Hazrat Nizamuddin is to taxi which costs ₹190 – ₹230 and takes 8 min. Is there a direct bus between New Delhi and Hazrat Nizamuddin? Yes, there is a direct bus departing from Scindia House / Kailash Bhawan and arriving at Nizamuddin station station.

Is Sarai Kale Khan and Nizamuddin railway station?

It is situated on the ring road and serves the Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station, Sarai Kale Khan Inter-State Bus Terminus (ISBT) and its surrounding area of Sarai Kale Khan and Nizamuddin East and West….Sarai Kale Khan – Nizamuddin metro station.

Sarai Kale Khan – Nizamuddin
Platform levels 2
Disabled access Yes
Other information
Status Staffed, Operational