Is Noble 6 the best Spartan 3?

Is Noble 6 the best Spartan 3?

Date of Death: August 30, 2552 Breaking the common trend of Spartan-IIs, Noble 6 is easily the deadliest Spartan-III to ever grace the Halo universe. He is the only Spartan-III that has been classified as hyper-lethal, a title that was only held by one Spartan-II before 343 Industries retconned this detail.

How old was Noble 6?

around 19-22
We can assume that Noble Six was born sometime around Tom, Kat, and Lucy. So in 2552, he would have been around 19-22.

Did Noble 6 speak?

Yep. Watch the opening cinematic thing they showed. Talks twice.

Was John forge a Spartan 1?

John Forge, as of February 2531, is the only known non-SPARTAN ever noted to have used a Type-1 Energy Weapon/Sword, a Sangheili weapon. Additionally, he is the only known human to have ever killed an Arbiter.

Does Noble 6 talk Halo: Reach?

How tall is noble 6 Halo Reach?

Height: 6’9” Born: Unlisted Players begin Halo: Reach seeing Noble Six’s helmet broken and laying on the ground. Without any dialogue or any cutscenes, players know they will not make it off of this planet alive. Despite this, Noble Six gives it his best shot to minimize casualties on Reach.

Who was the Spartan before Noble 6 in Halo Reach?

Thom-A293 (Former Noble Six) (MIA 04/22/2552) – Confirmed KIA during the Battle of Fumirole and replaced with SPARTAN-B312 immediately prior to the Fall of Reach. Rosenda-A344 (Potential Noble Four replacement) (Status unknown) – Emile-A239’s replacement if another anti- insurrectionist operation emerges.

Is noble 6 actually dead?

That’s the original Noble Six. And in the strategy guide, its the real, original Noble Six. It shows all of his information as classified, not “what ever you want it to be” He’s not dead, he’s…

Who did noble 6 replace?

SPARTAN-B312 is the main protagonist in Halo: Reach. To integrate player relation with B312, players can pick what gender they wish Noble Six to be in the game, with separately recorded voices for each gender male or female. Six is not the “silent type,” as Noble Six openly engages in conversations with other characters.