Is The Book Depository owned by Amazon?

Is The Book Depository owned by Amazon?

Amazon acquired its rival The Book Depository yesterday in a move that industry experts warned could tighten the American company’s “stranglehold” over the online book trade in the UK. Amazon acquired the Gloucester firm, which claims to be the fastest-growing bookseller in Europe, for an undisclosed sum.

Is Book Depository based in UK?

The Book Depository is a UK-based online bookseller offering over six million books for delivery worldwide. Financial terms of the deal are not disclosed. So why buy this company? The Book Depository, is one of the fastest growing booksellers in Europe.

Why does Book Depository take so long?

The biggest downside of buying from Book Depository is that even though shipping is free, it can take a long time for a book to get to you. The reason for this is because they use registered mail to send you the book.

Does Book Depository have good shipping?

If you are buying books online and looking for great price and free shipping worldwide, Book Depository is one of the best options. Today I am going to order a book from Book Depository and review the complete shipping experience from checkout to delivery.

How long does Book Depository take to deliver?

The estimated delivery time was between 10 and 15 business days.

Who owns the book depository?
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Book Depository/Parent organizations

Can you track Book Depository orders?

There’s no tracking number to track your order once it’s shipped. (I recommend that if you must buy from Book Depository, to buy whatever you need/want several weeks in advance. Some of the books may be more expensive than local bookstores.

How long does it take for Book Depository to process?

Book Depository usually ships within two days upon receiving the order. After which, it takes roughly two weeks for the delivery. The item will be mailed to your mailbox.

How long does it take Book Depository to deliver?

What are your reviews of Book Depository?

Book Depository Reviews 1 Never pre-order books. 2 A great read. 3 Still no package. 4 if it isn’t the cutest story! 5 book not received yet–did you send it…. 6 Great service and great price. 7 I’ve used this site a lot for my…. 8 Overall, a good shopping experience. 9 I wanted 3 books. 10 As for now.

Why do people like book depository so much?

I love Book Depository for several reasons. First, they usually have the widest selection of stock compared to other websites. The shipping is free, and you get a free bookmark with every order, which is just great, I have a collection of them. They also give you a wine voucher if you’re into that.

How do I contact the book depository customer service?

Customers who have questions, complaints, or issues can contact The Book Depository by submitting them directly to the website or by emailing them at [email protected]. Please include an order number when appropriate.

What do consumers complain about bookdepository?

Consumers complaining about BookDepository most frequently mention customer service, tracking number and post office problems. BookDepository ranks 45th among Books Other sites. Mr Nazihr T.