Is tibial plateau same as condyle?

Is tibial plateau same as condyle?

The tibial plateau has two articular surfaces, the medial and lateral tibial condyles, also called the medial and lateral plateaus. The medial tibial condyle bears 60% of the knee’s weight and is a thicker structure. It is concave in shape and located slightly more distally compared to the lateral tibial condyle.

What attaches to the tibial plateau?

Gross anatomy Via the medial and lateral menisci the tibial plateau articulates with the medial and femoral condyles to form the tibiofemoral part of the knee joint.

What is tibial condyle?

The medial condyle is the medial (or inner) portion of the upper extremity of tibia. Medial condyle of tibia. Upper surface of right tibia. (Anterior is at top.)

What is a femoral condyle?

Femoral Condyles – Anatomy: The femoral condyles are located on the end of the thigh bone, or the femur. They are covered by articular cartilage and function as a shock absorber for the knee.

What is tibial plateau?

The tibial plateau is an important weight-bearing part of the body that connects the thighbone (femur) to the shinbone via ligaments. A fall from a height or a hit to the thigh can drive the femur into the shinbone, creating a compressive force. This force causes the bone to crack.

What happens if you walk on a tibial plateau fracture?

Athletes suffering from tibial plateau fractures usually complain of swelling, pain and an inability to walk or move the leg. A major concern with this injury is having swelling compress the nerves and blood vessels inside the knee joint. This so-called “compartment syndrome” can lead to death of tissues.

What is the treatment for a tibial plateau fracture?

The injury is usually fixed with metal plates and screws placed through a large incision. The type of fracture usually dictates what types of incisions and how many plates and screws are needed. Sometimes bone graft or types of bone cement are needed to support the joint surface.

What is femoral condyle fracture?

What is a fracture of the femoral condyle? A femoral condyle is the ball-shape located at the end of the femur (thigh bone). There are two condyles on each leg known as the medial and lateral femoral condyles. If there is a fracture (break) in part of the condyle, this is known as a fracture of the femoral condyle.