Is Yexel and jam siblings?

Is Yexel and jam siblings?

Biography. Yexel Sebastian was born on 12 March 1982 to Vilmo Flores Sebastian (born August 28, 1961, Santa Cruz, Manila) and Ma. Carmen Sebastian. His younger brother was the late fellow YouTuber Jam Sebastian.

How old is Yexel Sebastian?

40 years (March 12, 1982)Yexel Sebastian / Age

What happened to jam in JaMich?

In May 2014, the YouTube sensations announced their engagement. Unfortunately, Jam passed away in March 2015 due to lung cancer at the age of 28. Two years after Jam’s passing, Mich shared she has found a new love and relationship.

Who Filipino YouTuber died?

Lloyd Cadena
He was one of the most popular YouTubers in his native Philippines, with over 5.86 million subscribers on the platform at the time of his death….

Lloyd Cadena
Died September 4, 2020 (aged 26) Muntinlupa, Philippines
Occupation YouTuber vlogger radio personality author
YouTube information
Also known as Kween LC

Who is jam in JaMich?

Jam Vhille Fernando Sebastian (20 March 1986 – 4 March 2015), better known as Jam Sebastian, was a Filipino actor and an internet personality. He is known for being in a love team with Michelle Liggayu, who was his fiancee in real life with the two collectively known as JaMich.

Who is husband of Mich liggayu?

Congratulations, Mich! YouTube star Mich Liggayu gave birth to her first child, Anastasia Margaret, with singer boyfriend Neo Domingo on March 24 via cesarean section. Four days after, the new mom introduced her little bundle of joy on Instagram.

How old is Emman Nimedez?

21 years (1999–2020)Emman Nimedez / Age at death

Is Yexel Sebastian brother of Jam Sebastian?

Filipino content creator and a known toy collector Yexel Sebastian is currently facing controversy. He is the brother of the late and well-loved Jam Sebastian, the other half of the hit online love team JaMich.

Where can I find Yexel Sebastian’s toy collection?

Yexel’s Toy Museum has housed Yexel Sebastian’s toy collection since 1989. The collection now includes over 10,000 toys and 300 Life Size Statues . It is located in Las Piñas, Philippines.

What is the ruling planet of Yexel Sebastian?

Ruling Planet: Yexel Sebastian has a ruling planet of Neptune and has a ruling planet of Neptune. Back the early 2,000 B.C. the outer planets, Uranus and Pluto, were not yet discovered, since the telescope had not yet been invented.

How many toys does Yexel have?

As of December 2014, Yexel’s Toy Museum’s third branch, dubbed as Amazing Stories of Yexel’s Museum, in partnership with the Manila Ocean Park, was completed and introduced to the public. He claims he currently owns 50,000 toys, and over 900 Life-size statues.