What are field crops?

What are field crops?

Definition of field crop : an agricultural crop (such as hay, grain, or cotton) grown on large areas.

What are the examples of field crops?

Field crops include corn, cotton, rice, sorghum, soybeans, winter wheat, durum wheat, and spring wheat. The effects of climate change on crop production will vary by region, and will largely be a factor of impacts on resources important to agricultural production, such as soil and water.

What are the uses of field crops?

Made up of a wide variety of plants grown for consumption or for profit, crops can be used for food, to feed livestock, for textiles and paper, for decoration, or for fuel.

Why is field crop production important?

Importance of Crop Production Field and forage (agronomic) crops are grown on most of the 200 million acres of harvested cropland in the United States. Agronomic crops provide the food, feed grain, oil, and fiber for domestic consumption and are a major component of U.S. export trade.

How are field crops classified?

Classification of field crops based on Climate Tropical crop : Coconut, sugarcane. Sub-tropical crop : Rice, cotton. Temperate crop : Wheat, barley. Polar crop : All pines, pasture grasses.

What are the three main crops?

Grains, such as corn, wheat, and rice, are the world’s most popular food crops. In fact, these crops are often the basis for food staples. A food staple is a food that makes up the dominant part of a population’s diet.

What is field crop management?

Field Crop Management teaches us everything that goes on from pre-planting to harvest, looking at pest management and soil health and the inputs needed to grow the best crops.– Nick Schultheis, CAHNRS Ambassador, Class of 2020.

Why is it important to classify field crops?

A systematic method of grouping different plants is essential in identifying and cataloging the voluminous information gathered about many different plants known. Thus, classification of crops is desirable, since it helps for better understanding and appreciations.

What is Field Crops Research?

Field Crops Research is an international research journal containing relevant scientific and technological papers on crops and cropping systems. The subjects covered include crop ecology, agronomy, physiology, breeding, productivity, product quality, and protection.

What are the guidelines for results in Field Crops Research?

Field Crops Research 51, 165-187. Results should be clear and concise and must be separate from the Discussion section. This should explore the significance of the results of the work, not repeat them. “Separate Results and Discussion sections are required”.

What is Turkish Journal of field crops?

Turkish Journal of Field Crops is the official publication of Society of Field Crops Science. It offers the latest developments in research to scientists active in field crops.

What is the Fasset crop model?

The FASSET crop model was used to separate the effects of a number of crop traits on the suppressive ability of winter wheat varieties and the ability to tolerate weeds. The model simulated the competition between different varieties of winter wheat and a sown grass mixture for light, water and nitrogen.