What are SARS codes?

What are SARS codes?

A source code is a four digit identifier / number that SARS uses to capture information on the income tax return. It will usually appear alongside the amount it relates to.

What is the code used for non-taxable income?

3702: Non-taxable portion. 3722, 4582: Taxable portion.

What does SARS Code 3825 mean?

IRP5 code 3825 refers to the perk that calculates when an employee has a Provident Fund Company Contribution, IRP5 code 4473. The Provident fund cannot have a Perk if the Company Contribution amounts are zero. This usually happens when adjustments were made to the Provident fund contributions during the year.

What is your employer code?

An Employer Code (which is sometimes known as a Company Code) is a five-digit number that is used to identify a specific employer on The Work Number database.

How do I find my SARS SIC code?

The latest SIC Coding system can be found on Statistic SA www.statssa.gov.za.

What does SARS code 3901 mean?

Tax code 3901 is defined as: “Gratuities (retirement / retrenchment).”

What does SARS code 4473 mean?

4473 – Employer’s provident fund contributions paid for the benefit of the employee. 4474 – Employer’s medical scheme contributions paid for the benefit of the employee.

How do I check my tax codes?

You can also find your tax code on your payslip or tax code letter from HMRC .

Where can I read my tax code?

Finding tax codes However, if you are interested in reading the tax codes, you can find many printed copies in your local library or online. If you need to research your state and local tax codes, the agency responsible for taxation in your jurisdiction usually makes them available on their website.

What does the tax code 3715 mean?

A: The code 3715 is used where an allowance was paid for expenses in respect of meals and/or incidental costs for foreign travel, which exceeds the deemed amounts. The amount deemed to have actually expended (or as you say that can be claimed)—

What is section 3716 of the ffcra?

Section 3716 amends section 6004(a) of the FFCRA to permit states to provide such services to currently eligible Medicaid beneficiaries who do not under existing Medicaid coverage receive minimum essential benefits.

What does section 3717 of the CARES Act mean?

An amendment to this section in Section 3717 of the CARES Act eliminates the phrase “that are approved, cleared, or authorized under section 510(k), 513, 515, Healthcare Financial Management Association 5 or 564 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.” See Section 3201 of the CARES Act (described below) for additional explanation.

When to use tax code 3857?

 Code 3857 MUST only be used for foreign service income.  The value of this code must be included in the value of code 3801/3851 with effect from the 2010 year of assessment. 3808 (3858) Employee’s debt – excluding code 3828 Employer paid Retirement Annuity Fund contributions (PAYE)