What are the commands to configure HSRP?

What are the commands to configure HSRP?

Table 1 – HSRP Configuration Commands

1 router>enable
2 router#configure terminal
3 router(config)#interface interface
4 router(config-if)#ip address address netmask
5 router(config-if)#standby [group-number] ip [ip-address]

What is HSRP command?

The hsrp ipv4 command activates HSRP on the configured interface. If an IP address is specified, that address is used as the designated address for the Hot Standby group. If no IP address is specified, the virtual address is learned from the active router.

How do you troubleshoot HSRP?

Find the correct source (port) of the MAC address in which the error message reports. Disconnect the port that must not source the host MAC address and check for HSRP stability. Note down and check the STP topology on each VLAN and check for STP failure. Verify the port-channel configuration.

How to configure HSRP on a Cisco router?

A single HSRP group—performed in interface configuration mode and applies to a group.

  • All groups on the interface—performed in interface configuration mode and applies to all groups on the interface.
  • All groups on all interfaces—performed in global configuration mode and applies to all groups on all interfaces.
  • How to configure HSRP on switches and VLANs?

    • Set an HSRP IP address – • Set an HSRP higher priotiry – Priority 105 will make this Switch the preferred HSRP master • Enable the HSRP preempt feature – This Switch will always try to be the HSRP master • Configure an HSRP password for protection – MYHSRPPASS

    What is basic configuration of Cisco routers?

    basic configuration of cisco router will include . 1) interface ip address . 2) default route . 3) static / rip routing as per req . 4) password for various modes.

    How to set hostname in Cisco?

    – Configuring the Hostname, Domain Name, and Passwords – Setting the Date and Time – Configuring the Master Passphrase – Configuring the DNS Server – http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/ps6121/products_tech_note09186a0080aaeff5.shtml – Performing Password Recovery – Monitoring DNS Cache