What are the girls doing at the beginning of Rabbit-Proof Fence?

What are the girls doing at the beginning of Rabbit-Proof Fence?

When Molly was 14, Gracie 10 and Daisy 8, the Australian government took them from their home to train them as servants for the white settlers. The girls decided to escape and walk home, following the “rabbit-proof fence”. This film follows the girls’ 1,500 mile walk home, avoiding capture and surviving in the wild.

What is the message of Rabbit-Proof Fence?

Rabbit-Proof Fence is a story about the characters’ determination to get home to their family, and the way they resist those who say they can’t be together.

What 3 things do Aboriginal people need to ask Mr Neville’s permission to do?


  • Visit their children at Moore River.
  • Buy shoes.
  • Why did Molly get happy when it rained?

    Why did Molly get happy when it rained? The rain is a sign of her and her family. Rain is the sign of safety. Rain meant that their signs would be washed off so that the policemen can’t find their route.

    Who was Molly and Daisy’s dad?

    Thomas Craig
    Daisy and Molly shared a father, Thomas Craig, making them both half-sisters and cousins. The girls stayed only one night in the internment camp before making their escape to travel home.

    What is the story behind Rabbit-Proof Fence?

    Rabbit-Proof Fence – whose fictionalised elements are all drawn from the accounts of other members of the stolen generations – undeniably played a role in shifting the national conversation around the stolen generations.

    How do I Track themes in follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence?

    LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work.

    What does the fence symbolize in Animal Farm?

    But in large part the fence represents the futility and inadvertent cruelty of Neville’s policies. It is a symbol of division, a deep wound through the centre of the country. It’s also an irredeemable failure; intended to keep rabbits to the east of Australia, it proved entirely useless (there ended up being more rabbits on the west of the fence).