What are the Illuminati symbols?

What are the Illuminati symbols?

It is believed that Obelisks are Illuminati Symbols used as a symbol of the Illuminati power and control. 5. Eternal flame The flame produces light, which depicts illumination, and illumination symbolizes enlightenment or getting new knowledge.

What are the most spread Illuminati signs?

1. All Seeing Eye This is the most spread Illuminati sign; it is placed at the center of the American dollar bill. Also known as known as the “udjat” or “Eye of Providence” this is a common symbol showing an eye often surrounded by rays of light and usually enclosed by a triangle.

What is Illuminati and how does it work?

The Latin words ‘NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM’ simply mean ‘A New Order for the Ages’. The secret agenda on which Illuminati works is to create an elite one-world government that will mobilize the distribution of power and money under its control. The thirteen steps symbolize the thirteen satanic bloodlines that are part of this cult.

What is the Illuminati’s Eternal Flame?

The Illuminati always leave an occult signature when they carry out an event, or whenever anyone is killed by the Illuminati either by ritual or through an elaborate plan, their grave is usually adorned with an eternal flame. A prominent example being the memorial of Princess Diana.

What does the crossed key mean in the Illuminati?

The crossed key bears various meaning to the illuminati society, some kept secrete to non-members. This symbol openly stands for Loyalty To The Oaths, Marriage Bond or Keys To Heaven And Earth. The eye is associated as a symbol of an all-seeing God, an omnipresent source.

What do the obelisks of the illuminatis represent?

The Illuminatis have erected obelisks at strategic places of power to connote their control and power over the masses. A prominent example being the Washington Memorial, which is exactly like the pagan Egyptian obelisk.