What can I spray on dirt road to keep dust down?

What can I spray on dirt road to keep dust down?

Salt. Salt is one of the best road dust control products available. Lignin Sulfonate and Calcium Chloride are two of the most popular unpaved road dust control products. These salts are mixed in a 35% solution and applied directly on the unpaved road.

How do you control dusty roads?

Top Ten Dust Control Techniques List

  1. Reducing the Traffic.
  2. Reducing the Speed.
  3. Water the Road (Palliative 1)
  4. Covering Unpaved Road Surface Soils With Gravel.
  5. Increasing Moisture Content of the Road Surface (Palliative 2)
  6. Binding Particles Together (Palliative 3)

What is used for road dust control?

The two most frequently used dust suppressant options are calcium chloride and magnesium chloride, which are hygroscopic (moisture attracting) materials that draw moisture from the air to provide extended dust suppression.

What do they spray on gravel roads to keep the dust down?

Salts. Calcium chloride and lignin sulfonate, two salts, when mixed with water in about a 35 percent solution and sprayed over gravel roads, have been found to be very effective at keeping dust down.

Is calcium chloride safe for dust control?

In fact, CaCl2 not only has the ability to tame dust over a wide range of gravel and climate conditions, but it can reduce the overall cost of maintaining unpaved roads as well.

Does calcium chloride work for dust control?

Calcium Chloride works great for dust control as it’s naturally hydroscopic which means that it is able suck and retain moisture from its surroundings. This allows the product to keep roads damp and control dust even in the middle of summer during hot and dry conditions.

Does rain wash away calcium chloride?

If the summer is very dry with very little rain, you may start to see the effects of the Calcium Chloride diminishing over time. The occasional rain is great for an application of Calcium Chloride and can help reactivate the solution.