What color is Wedgewood blue?

What color is Wedgewood blue?

blue gray
Color: Wedgewood is a blue gray reminiscent of wedgewood china blue.

What Colour is Wedgewood?

What Colour Is Wedgwood Blue?

Hex Code #7D9BCA
Inverse Color #826435 [Coyote Brown]
Closest Pantone 645 C
Closest RAL 6034 [Pastel turquoise]
Complementary Color #CAAC7D [Light French Beige]

Are Dulux Trade Colours the same as Dulux?

Dulux Trade goes further The raw materials used in Dulux Trade paints are of a higher quality, including a greater concentration of pigments. This is what makes the paint spread further, so each litre covers more square metres.

What is the Wedgewood blue?

Definition of wedgwood blue 1 : a variable color averaging a pale blue that is redder, stronger, and slightly lighter than average powder blue, redder and lighter than Sistine, lighter, stronger, and slightly redder than average cadet gray, and redder, lighter, and stronger than old blue.

Is Wedgewood blue or green?

Usually described as stoneware, it has an unglazed matte “biscuit” finish and is produced in a number of different colours, of which the most common and best known is a pale blue that has become known as Wedgwood Blue.

Is Dulux Trade paint worth the money?

Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt Emulsion is a little bit on the expensive side for what you get. Opacity is good, but that’s the only positive I’ve got to say unfortunately. Roller marks, picture framing and a high sheen level leaves a poor finish in my opinion. Bit of a let down this one.

Is trade paint really better?

Trade paint is of a much higher quality than general retail paint and it will not only go further when covering a wall but it will also need less coats to produce a high quality finish.

Is Wedgwood still made?

Depending on our product requirements, we will maintain production in both locations. Around the world, the vision of Wedgwood, based on the brand values of quality, craftsmanship and innovation, has not changed and continues to be absolutely English.