What company owns Holden?

What company owns Holden?

General Motors
General Motors Australia LtdGeneral Motors Overseas Commercial Vehicle Corp
Holden/Parent organizations

Did Holden make a 138 red motor?

Initially available in 149 and 179 cubic inch capacities, the red was also produced as a baby 138ci version for the LC Torana, added 161 and 186ci versions for the HK Holden and finally 173 and 202ci from the HQ onwards.

What does VL stand for Holden?

It was the final iteration of the first generation of the Holden Commodore and included the luxury variant, Holden Calais (VL). Between February 1986 and August 1988, 151,801 VL model Commodores were built. Holden Commodore (VL) Holden Commodore Executive sedan.

Is Holden still in business?

General Motors is bringing its Holden brand to an end by 2021 as it withdraws from Australia and New Zealand, in addition to pulling Chevrolet out of Thailand, the company said in a statement over the weekend.

Is Holden owned by Ford?

Both Ford of Australia and Holden, a subsidiary of General Motors since 1931, have created iconic and powerful cars that combined stand-alone styling, somewhat European proportions, and American-informed V-6 and V-8 power, unhampered by overly zealous emissions control.

What is a 202 motor?


Engine Displacement Power
173 cu in Red I6 2.8 litres (2,835 cc) 118
202 cu in Red I6 3.3 litres (3,298 cc) 129

How much horsepower does a Holden 253 have?

The 253 made its public debut in the Holden Hurricane concept car at the 1969 Melbourne International Motor Show, albeit it in a highly modified form featuring increased 10.1:1 compression, big cam and solid lifters, and producing over 250 hp (190 kW).

What does SL stand for Commodore?

SIngle-spoke wheel reinforced the break from previous models. Of course it had to be auto if it was a luxury car. Everything you need to know if you’re in the market for a VB-VH SL/E Commodore.

Whats the difference between a VB and a VC Commodore?

The VC Commodore was a minor refinement of the VB Commodore and included several engineering updates but few body changes. It’s identifiable by the “egg crate” grill.

What is Ford called in Australia?

The Ford Motor Company of Australia Limited
The Ford Motor Company of Australia Limited, known by its trading name Ford Australia, is the Australian subsidiary of United States-based automaker Ford Motor Company. It was founded in Geelong, Victoria, in 1925 as an outpost of Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited.