What did Dexter say in French?

What did Dexter say in French?

In this episode, “The Big Cheese”, protagonist and boy genius Dexter tries to learn French by listening to a learning tape in bed. However, when he falls asleep the tape gets stuck and repeats one phrase over and over again: “omelette du fromage”.

What episode of Dexter is omelette du fromage?

The record, however, repeats the phrase “omelette du fromage” over and over, making it the only thing Dexter can say….The Big Cheese.

Season 1, Episode 9c
Episode name reference to/pun on: The term “big cheese”, another name for a boss.
Air date December 4, 1996
Production number 108c

Is it omelette du fromage or omelette au fromage?

TIL that the french phrase “omelette du fromage” as shown on Dexter’s Laboratory, is grammatically incorrect. It’s actually supposed to be “omelette au fromage”.

Why is Dexter French?

Dexter’s accent originated from Genndy Tartakovsky’s CalArts roommate, Rob Renzetti, who left voicemails for Tartakovsky in a comedic French accent. Traces of Russian and German accents were added as well.

Is fromage a la or fromage?

Answer and Explanation: The word for cheese is a masculine noun: le fromage. Because fromage is masculine, masculine articles must be used with it, and here, it is used with…

What accent is Dexter?

Is Dexter French?

Although he comes from a typical American family, Dexter speaks with an accent of indeterminate origin. Christine Cavanaugh described it as “an affectation, [a] kind of accent, we’re not quite sure. A small Peter Lorre, but not. Perhaps he’s Latino, perhaps he’s French.

How does Dexter learn French in the book Dexter?

Dexter is in his laboratory one night getting every science experiment done quickly, and this is on the same night he had to study for a French test. At bedtime, Dexter takes his invention that gives him the option to learn while asleep and puts it on his head, inserting a French language instruction record the player.

What does Dexter say in the Big Cheese?

The Big Cheese is the third part of the ninth episode of season one of Dexter’s Laboratory, which aired on December 4, 1996. In this episode, Dexter says a French word that gains him fame overtime.

What is Dexter’s password for his laboratory?

Dexter’s Omlette Du Fromage restaurant in comparison with the Downey California Goldern Arches McDonald’s restaurant. Dexter’s password for his laboratory is “Star Wars”, a reference to the widely popular science fiction franchise.