What did recon Marines do in Vietnam?

What did recon Marines do in Vietnam?

Dubbed Operation Kansas, the recon teams moved deep into enemy-held territory to observe and strike at the North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong operating in the area. This mostly consisted of calling for artillery or air support to take out small concentrations of enemy fighters.

Is Recon a special force?

Although Force Recon has never been part of the United States Special Operations Command, their missions slightly differentiate themselves from other United States Special Operations Forces units. Colloquially, they are specialized in all tactical areas of warfare.

What was the first USMC Recon Company in Vietnam?

Activated in September 1965 as one of the first group of add-on units to meet demands of operations in Vietnam, the company formed at Camp Lejeune, N.C. and satellite on Second Force Reconnaissance Company that was under strength due to the demands for trained Force Recon Marines assigned to First Force in country.

What are the two types of reconnaissance in the Vietnam War?

Two different mission types emerged during the Vietnam War, which are still implemented in the Force Reconnaissance motives today: Key Hole and Sting Ray. These practices subsequently became contemporary as deep reconnaissance, or green operations; and direct action, which are known as black operations.

What is the history of the Force Recon?

The historical roots of ‘Force Recon’ companies can be traced back to the antecedent Amphibious Reconnaissance Battalion, whose numerous pre-D–Day reconnoitering of enemy beaches during the Pacific campaigns of World War II proved the vitality of the Fleet Marine Force’s amphibious reconnaissance doctrine.

What was the role of the recon Marines in the invasion?

Jones and his recon Marines scouted the Japanese-fortified beaches and observed the terrain, materials or other entities, primarily reporting to the force commander of any vital intelligence of mission-oriented importance.