What do you mean by Action Research?

What do you mean by Action Research?

Action Research is a method of systematic enquiry that teachers undertake as researchers of their own practice. You will draw on the findings of other researchers to help develop actions and interpret the consequences. As an action researcher, or teacher-researcher, you will generate research.

How do you write an introduction to an action research?

– Identify the main aspects of your research questions. – Introduce the main theories that allow you to discuss your project. – Define the basic terminology and concepts related to the issues you will discuss. – Summary of the state of the art; present the literature for each part of the question.

What are the key features of action research?

The key concepts include a better understanding, participation, improve- ment, reform, problem finding, problem solving, a step-by-step process, modification, and theory building. These words also perhaps demonstrate the reasons for the popularity of action research as a mode of study for healthcare professionals.