What does Anakin say to Padme on Naboo?

What does Anakin say to Padmé on Naboo?

Anakin : [telling Padme about the Sand People] I… I killed them. I killed them all. They’re dead…

How long was Anakin on Naboo with Padmé?

This maternal-like relationship obviously does not portray any romantic energy and when the two are reunited after a 10-year absence, Padme tells Anakin he will always be a “little boy” in her eyes.

Is Padmé and the Queen of Naboo the same person?

The Queen of Naboo is an elected office. In either Ep 2 or 3, then-Senator Amidala explains to Anakin that she’s one of the youngest people to be elected Queen. This presumably means she campaigned for office. After ceasing to be Queen, she kept using the name Padme, and Wookieepedia indicates it’s her real name.

Why is Padmé no longer Queen of Naboo?

In 25 BBY, Amidala ended her second term as queen. Though some on Naboo suggested amending the constitution to allow her to serve a third term, she stayed true to her belief that “popular rule is not democracy.” Hereafter, Amidala gave up the throne to her elected successor, Queen Jamillia.

Why did Padmé fall for Anakin?

During Padmé and Anakin’s time spent together on Naboo, she had fallen in love with him, when the latter confessed his romantic feelings for her, Padmé (seemingly) turned Anakin down, even going as far to point out, because he was a Jedi, it would be impossible for them to be together, however, in truth, she only said …

How old was Padme when she married Anakin?

Given that the events of Attack of the Clones happen in 22 BBY, Padmé’s age is 24, and Anakin’s age is 19 at the time of their marriage. The two’s relationship and marriage play an interesting role in the prequels.

Why does Padme’s accent change?

For the character, it’s elocution lessons. You need to sound authoritive and powerful when you’re the leader of a planet. But it’s all just an act for the people of Naboo. For the movie, Natalie only adopted an English accent on set but her voice was lowered a little in post production.