What does CIBC stand for in the theater in Chicago?

What does CIBC stand for in the theater in Chicago?

In May 2008, the theater was renamed the Bank of America Theatre when that company acquired LaSalle Bank in 2007. In 2017, it became CIBC Theater when that company bought the then current naming rights holder, PrivateBank.

What did CIBC Theater used to be called?

Majestic Theatre
The CIBC Theatre opened in 1906 under the name Majestic Theatre as Chicago’s first $1 million venue and home to legendary vaudeville acts.

What was the previous name of the CIBC Theater in Chicago?

In 2005, the theatre closed for a glorious multi-million dollar restoration and was reopened in May 2006 as the LaSalle Bank Theatre, and later the Bank of America Theatre in 2008….More Information.

Originally Opened 1906
Original Name Majestic Theatre
Architectural Style Beaux Arts
Technical Specs Spec Sheet

What is the theater district in Chicago called?

The Loop
The Loop is where you’ll find Chicago’s vibrant theatre district, a bustling area in the heart of the city with a glittering marquee just about everywhere you turn.

Where was Hamilton in Chicago?

The PrivateBank Theater
The Chicago production of Hamilton (also known as the Eliza Company) was a separate production of the musical which played in Chicago at The PrivateBank Theater (now named the CIBC Theater). The official cast members to take to stage at Chicago are listed at Chicago Cast (2016).

Where did Hamilton play in Chicago?

the CIBC Theater

How long is the play Moulin Rouge in Chicago?

two and a half wonderful hours
“… In this brilliant work, which mixes the story of love and hate and passion along with snippets of modern day pop tunes we have two and a half wonderful hours ( one intermission) of highly energetic performance art.

Is Hamilton Chicago closing?

Come January 5, 2020, more than 2.6 million people will have been in the room where it happened. That’s the closing date for Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Tony Award-winning musical “Hamilton,” which will end its three-year Chicago run at what’s now the CIBC Theatre on West Monroe Street.