What does feather mean?

What does feather mean?

A feather is one of the soft, fringed plumes that cover the bodies of birds. Some feathers are tiny and downy, while others are large and brilliantly colored. Feathers are the main characteristic that separates birds from all other animals.

What is the synonym of feather?

plume, quill. plumage, feathering, down, eider, eider down, hackles, crest, tuft, topknot, pinion. technical covert, remex, rectrix, plumule, semi-plume.

What does Quill mean in Urdu?

quill meaning in Urdu

1) quill Noun
Pen made from a bird’s feather. پر کا قلم
2) quill Noun
Any of the larger wing or tail feathers of a bird. کسی چڑیا کے بازو کا اختتامی حصہ
3) quill Noun

What is the meaning of wing Urdu?

3) wing. Noun. A stage area out of sight of the audience. اسٹیج کا وہ حصہ جو ناظرین سے اوجھل ہو اسٹیج کا وہ حصہ جو ناظرین کی نظر سے اوجھل ہو

What are feathers examples?

The definition of a feather is one of the flat slender growths that cover the bodies of birds. An example of a feather is what peacocks drop behind them when they molt.

What is the opposite of feather?

Opposite of any of the flat appendages growing from a bird’s skin and forming its plumage. fur. mane.

What is a feather made from?

Feathers are made of lightweight material called keratin just like our fingernails. Muscles attached to the base of each one allow the bird to move it around. Feathers have to handle a lot of wear and tear, so each year birds grow a new set to replace the old ones. This is called moulting.

What mean quills?

1 : a large stiff feather of a bird’s wing or tail. 2 : the hollow tubelike part of a feather. 3 : a hollow sharp spine of a porcupine or hedgehog.

What is the difference between feathers and wings?

Wings are the forelimbs that are adapted for flight in birds, whereas feathers are epidermal growths that cover the body of a bird. Wings differ in shape for different flying mechanisms, whereas the whole structures of feathers vary according to the functions.

What is the Urdu meaning of wig?

Wig Meaning in English to Urdu is ڈانٹنا, as written in Urdu and Dantna, as written in Roman Urdu. There are many synonyms of Wig which include Periwig, Peruke, Rug, Toupee, Postiche, False Hair, Hair Extension, Hair Implant, Hair Weaving, etc.