What does it mean when an Italian says Marone?

What does it mean when an Italian says Marone?

damn it!
Marone – To swear by saying: ‘damn it! ‘

What does Maron a MIA mean?


What is Vaya Con Dios mean?

“go with God.
Vaya con dios is a Spanish language phrase meant as a farewell. It literally translates to “go with God.”

What is Porco Dio mean?

pig God
Interjection. porco Dio. (idiomatic, taboo, slang) literally, “pig God” or “swine God”, sometimes translated as “God is a pig”, “God is a swine”, or “God damn” etc. An expletive or oath, whose use is considered blasphemous by most Italian Catholics. Usually an expression of displeasure, anger, frustration, or surprise.

What does Marone mean in Italian?

Marone, or mah-rhona, is a corruption of Madonna, as it was the custom for some Italians to invoke the Blessed Mother when exasperated or confused. I’m venetian. Yes, it is slang. It means either chestnut (literally) or male testicle, balls, nuts.

Where does Marroni come from?

It comes from a kind of larger fleshy chestnut, called (in standard Italian) marrone pl. marroni after their brown color (It. marrone). In Central and Southern Italy it is now widely understood, and starts being used occasionally, next to the more common palle e coglioni.

What does “Che Maroni” mean in Italian?

“Marone” is actually a swear word and it indicates the men’s testicles in a very rude way and it comes from the Sicilian dialect but it has been spread to the north of Italy. “Marone”, usually “maroni” (plural) means “testicles”. It is slang and rude. “Che maroni!” means “boring!”.

What does “Rottura di Maroni” mean?

This colloquialism is typically used when someone says “you’re making fun of me”, and is the origin of the American colloquialism “you’re breaking balls”. Chestnut. Northern Italy slang for testicle. Rottura di maroni = pain in the balls, nuisance