What does leave it on the floor mean?

What does leave it on the floor mean?

This expression is used to describe a hotly contested match or any other type of competition in which the contestants/players go all out and do everything they possibly can to win, even it means bodily injury to themselves. For example: It was a very tight basketball game; both teams left everything on the floor.

What does the saying on the floor mean?

to be or become involved in something from the beginning: He was sure that he was getting in on the ground floor with the next big thing.

What does down to the floor mean?

Thoroughly, completely, as in This new job suits him down to the ground. [

What does back on the floor mean?

a a mainly defensive player behind a forward. b the position of such a player. 10 the part of a book to which the pages are glued or that joins the covers. 11 (Mining)

What does it mean on the job?

Definition of on-the-job : of, relating to, or being something (such as training or experience) learned, gained, or done while working at a job.

What does it mean to be on the ground floor?

Definition of in on the ground floor : involved in something at the very beginning He was able to get in on the ground floor of the computer industry.

What is the meaning of go down to the wire?

Definition of down-to-the-wire : full of suspense especially : unsettled until the very end.

Why do I lay on the floor?

Some people sleep on the floor for more personal reasons. Sleeping on the floor allows a person to live a more minimalist lifestyle, which many prefer. Some people may sleep on the floor because they do not have the space or budget for a full-sized bed at the moment.

Why does lying on the floor feel good?

When you lie on the floor, those muscles finally get to rest and relax at a proper length. Even when you lay down on a supposedly firm mattress, not every muscle relaxes like it does with the floor. In short, being supported by the Earth underneath you feels really, really good .

What does it mean to call someone a burger?

noun. an attractive person. Isn’t she a tasty lookin’ burger? See more words with the same meaning: attractive person (either gender).

What does leave someone on the floor mean?

From the context, it might be related to “leaving something on the floor” which means walking away with some of what you want but not everything. This is common in debates between opposing parties. If this is correct, I would read “leave someone on the floor” as the negotiators giving up your position in order to get concessions in other areas.

What does it mean to leave it all on the field?

leave everything on the field v. phr. to commit wholly to, or to try one’s best at, a sport or a game. Editorial Note: Variations include leave (everything, it all) on the court, ice, floor, or in the ring, arena, stadium, etc. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

Where is the musical Leave It on the floor set?

Set in the ballroom world originally memorialized by the documentary Paris Is Burning, Leave It on the Floor is an original musical set in the scene in Los Angeles 2011. as Ball Cashier …

What does it mean to take the floor?

The board members took the floor one after another to give their thoughts on the restructuring plan for the company. We need you to take the floor and express the concerns of our department. 2. To enter onto the dance floor to dance. And now the final couple will take the floor to compete in the dance contest finale.