What does pre-war building mean in NYC?

What does pre-war building mean in NYC?

IT is a sliver of a word, and a nonspecific one at that, but in New York City real estate, “prewar” speaks volumes. The term, applied generally to apartment buildings built before World War II, conjures images of high ceilings, thick walls, plaster ornamentation and generous layouts.

What does it mean if a building is pre-war?

Pre-war architecture refers to buildings built in the period between the turn of the 20th century until the Second World War, particularly in and around New York City.

How do I find a complaint about a building in NYC?

Through DOB’s Building Information System (BIS), you can search for general information on a property in the city including recorded complaints, violations, actions, applications, and inspections. Information searches about tradespeople licensed by DOB is also available in BIS.

Why are pre-war buildings desirable?

By and large, pre-war buildings remain a good investment. They also deliver a lot of value to buyers, especially those who plan to buy and hold for at least a decade. This largely reflects the fact that most pre-war buildings are co-ops, which are generally much less expensive than new condos.

How do you know if a building is pre war?

Common Features of Prewar Apartments

  1. Elegant proportions and spacious layouts.
  2. Intricate architectural details.
  3. Delicate millwork such as crown moldings, baseboards, and ceiling medallions.
  4. Built-in bookcases and closets.
  5. High, beamed ceilings.
  6. Original solid hardwood floors, often laid in a herringbone pattern.

Are pre war buildings soundproof?

Pre War Apartments Pre-war buildings are distinguishable from the other building types because they often have hand-finished plaster walls, solid wood construction, elaborate tiling, and poured concrete floors, which is why older buildings are more soundproof compared to new construction.

What year is considered pre war?

According to Jamie Safier, a luxury real estate agent at Douglas Elliman in New York City, “prewar” generally refers to buildings that were constructed between 1900 and 1939, before World War II.

What year is pre-war building NYC?

Prewar buildings are generally considered to be those constructed between 1900 to 1939, but buildings that date back to the 1880s are often included in the prewar category. While prewar apartment buildings can be found in many cities, the term is most commonly used in New York City real estate parlance.

What year is considered pre-war?

A prewar building is one built before the Second World War. While the exact years are slightly debated, it includes apartments built in the early 20th century and usually refers to buildings built between 1900 to 1939.

How do you find a quiet apartment in NYC?

“Apartments located on side streets are usually your best bet,” he says, “but you can find quiet spaces in buildings located on major streets and avenues depending on where they’re located in the building.” Rear-facing units, for instance, will typically have less noise than street-facing ones.