What does self mean in Objective-C?

What does self mean in Objective-C?

self is a special variable in Objective-C, inside an instance method this variable refers to the receiver(object) of the message that invoked the method, while in a class method self will indicate which class is calling.

How do you call a class method in Objective-C?

Calling Methods

  1. To call an Objective-C method with no arguments, the syntax is [object methodName]
  2. To call a method with one argument, the syntax is [object methodName:arg1]
  3. To call a method with two arguments, the syntax is [object methodName:arg1 andName:arg2]

What is instance method in Objective-C?

Instance method are methods that are specific to particular classes. Instance methods are declared and defined followed by – (minus) symbol. Class methods can be called by class name itself . Class methods are declared and defined by using + (plus)sign .

What is Self in C?

A self-referential structure is a structure that can have members which point to a structure variable of the same type. They can have one or more pointers pointing to the same type of structure as their member.

How do you call a static method in Objective-C?

You can call this method by his class’s instance name like : MyClass *object = [[MyClass alloc] init]; [object anInstanceMethod];

How do you write Objective-C?

Objective-C uses the same phraseology as the C language. Like in C, each line of Objective-C code must end with a semicolon. Blocks of code are written within a set of curly brackets. All basic types are the same, such as int, float, double, long and more.

WHAT IS instance and class method?

Instance method performs a set of actions on the data/value provided by the instance variables. If we use instance variables inside a method, such methods are called instance methods. Class method is method that is called on the class itself, not on a specific object instance.

What is the difference between an instance method and class method?

Key Takeaways. Instance methods need a class instance and can access the instance through self . Class methods don’t need a class instance. They can’t access the instance ( self ) but they have access to the class itself via cls .