What does Torchwood stand for?

What does Torchwood stand for?

The name “Torchwood” is an anagram of “Doctor Who”, with which tapes of series 1 of the revived Doctor Who TV series were labelled to prevent the footage from being leaked.

Is Torchwood connected to Doctor Who?

Torchwood is a British science fiction television programme created by Russell T Davies. A spin-off of the 2005 revival of Doctor Who, it aired from 2006 to 2011.

Is Torchwood coming back?

The latest on the revival front is that the BBC is bringing back its channel BBC Three, the first network home of Torchwood during its four-season run.

What is Torchwood an anagram of?

Doctor Who
“Torchwood” is an anagram of “Doctor Who”.

Is Torchwood OK for kids?

Parents need to know that this British science-fiction series from some of the creators of the latest iteration of Doctor Who is intense and bloody enough to make it iffy for younger and/or sensitive viewers.

How did Jack Harkness become the Face of Boe?

Speculation that Captain Jack Harkness might be the Face of Boe occurred after he revealed that he was the only person from the Boeshane Peninsula, to become a Time Agent, earning him the nickname of ‘The Face of Boe’.

Is the doctor ever in Torchwood?

Steven Moffat hints that John Barrowman could yet make another appearance in Doctor Who. Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has said that The Doctor will never appear in Torchwood.

How is the Face of Boe Captain Jack?

Is Gwen Cooper related to Gwyneth?

Gwen Cooper is the distant relative of Gwyneth, the servant girl whom The 9th Doctor and Rose Tyler encounter in 1869 Cardiff in Doctor Who: The Unquiet Dead (2005). Gwyneth was also played by Eve Myles.

What is the opening narration of Torchwood?

Series 1 opening narration: Torchwood: outside the government, beyond the police. Tracking down alien life on Earth, arming the human race against the future. The twenty-first century is when everything changes.

What did Torchwood do to you?

It’s Torchwood. That’s what did it. They give you Retcon, chemicals and radiation and god knows what. [..] That’s what Torchwood does, you see…it ruins your life. And saves everyone else’s Gwen Cooper in Torchwood: Children of Earth [3.5] (10 July 2009) (Or from the Doctor’s perspective- 01/04/5012 on Skaro, killing a few Daleks here and there).

Is Torchwood in the 21st century?

The twenty-first century is when everything changes. And you’ve got to be ready. Series 2 opening narration: Torchwood: outside the government, beyond the police. Fighting for the future on behalf of the human race. The 21st century is when everything changes. And Torchwood is ready.

Was the Torchwood Institute a miracle?

Esther: Considering what we just went through, I would say that was a miracle. Jack: Yeah, another one. The Torchwood Institute was set up by the British Royal Family in 1879 to defend the realm of Great Britain by investigating the unusual, the strange. And the alien.