What GPA is a B+ in Law School?

What GPA is a B+ in Law School?

The school says that it’s been grading on a harder curve than almost all the other law schools in California, so its students have been at an unfair disadvantage….Email.

Numerical Score Letter Grade GPA Value
79-81 B- 2.667
82-84 B 3.0
85-87 B+ 3.333
88-90 A- 3.667

Is Duke law hard to get into?

Recently, among 193 law schools, the acceptance rate averaged at around 45%. Already, it’s clear that law school isn’t easy to get into. Duke’s acceptance rate hovers around 19%. Compared to Harvard Law (15%) or Stanford Law (9%), Duke’s rate is a bit more approachable.

How competitive is Duke law?

Duke Law ranks #11 in terms of student selectivity with an acceptance rate of 20.2% among those who applied for admission. Duke Law ranks #18 in terms of highest median undergraduate GPA (3.78) among those applicants granted admission who enrolled as full-time students.

How much does a Harvard lawyer make?

2 is Harvard Law School, where grads with little or no experience pull down a median salary of $143,000. At mid-career, Harvard law graduates earn $234,000, on average.

What does Duke Law look for in a student?

As a small, close-knit law school community, we look for students who will be fully engaged in the life of the law school, take on leadership roles in student organizations and journals, and live out the principles of the Duke Law Blueprint.

How much post-college work experience do Duke Law Students need?

Thirty to forty percent of a typical incoming class at Duke Law is made up of people who have just graduated from college, so it should be clear that we do not require or expect post-college work experience.

How do I submit my application to Duke Law School?

Applications must be submitted via the Law School Admission Council’s e-app service. If you are unable to do so, please contact the admissions office ([email protected]) to discuss alternate arrangements.