What happened at Bash at the Beach 1996?

What happened at Bash at the Beach 1996?

Knobs hanged Grunge with the chain over the top rope as The Nasty Boys delivered a clothesline to Rock with the chain. Sags hit Rock with the chain, and pinned him for The Nasty Boys to win. The fifth match was between Dean Malenko and Disco Inferno for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship.

When was the first WCW Bash at the Beach?


# Event Date
1 Bash at the Beach (1994) July 17, 1994
2 Bash at the Beach (1995) July 16, 1995
3 Bash at the Beach (1996) July 7, 1996
4 Bash at the Beach (1997) July 13, 1997

Where was WCW Bash at the Beach?

AEW Bash at the Beach
Promotion All Elite Wrestling
Date January 15, 2020
City Coral Gables, Florida
Venue Watsco Center

Who is the third man WCW?

Imagining Sting as the third man is one of wrestling’s most dizzying “What if?” moments. Sting certainly could have worked a convincing style as a heel, but Hall and Nash were cast perfectly as The Outsiders. On the other hand, Sting embodied WCW.

Why did Hulk Hogan turn heel?

He went so far as to say that he wanted to turn heel against the Stinger at the peak of Hulkamania because he believed Sting could have taken the company to even bigger heights. Fighting Spirit Magazine has published a lengthy interview with the Hulkster.

Why was WCW Cancelled?

As stated by the second respondent, WCW programming was cancelled by AOL/Time-Warner. Eric Bischoff lost his financial backing when it was cancelled. He was prepared to pay a lot more for WCW than Vince McMahon did. AOL/Time-Warner just wanted to get rid of WCW and the quickest way was to cancel the TV programming.

What was Hulk Hogan’s last match in WCW?

At Wrestlemania 30, he seemed to tease a match with fellow WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin, although that match never materialised. Many people thought that Hulk Hogan’s last match was against Randy Orton in 2006. The pair faced off at Summerslam 2006, during Hogan’s last run as a full-time wrestler.

Who was original 3rd man NWO?

They teased a third man, and the third man ended up being AJ Styles. A TNA Impact lifer. A guy with no connection to WWE. It’s still interesting television but nothing compared to what it could be if Stone Cold Steve Austin showed up.