What happened to Seo In Guk eyes?

What happened to Seo In Guk eyes?

Earlier this month, Seo In Guk sustained an eye injury while rehearsing for the action scenes in “The King’s Face.” His eye was accidentally hit by the hand of a stunt man that caused damage to his eye and bone.

Was Seo In Guk poor?

Seo In Guk came from an incredibly poor family and had barely any food growing up. They survived due to the incredible strong-will and caring nature of his parents.

What kind of person is Seo In Guk?

Speaking of which, one extremely talented personality that’s been capturing the hearts of viewers with his latest drama is Seo In Guk. Known for being a passionate and hardworking actor and singer, we can see how he lives up to the hype surrounding him.

How much does Seo In Guk weight?

I got down to 65 kilograms (~143 pounds).” While the other guests and MCs were impressed by his strong will to lose weight, they also wondered how the idol-turned-actor managed to resist enjoying a variety of tasty foods for such a long period of time.

Is Park Bo Ram and Seo In Guk still dating?

Seo In-Guk’s relationship timeline The duo started dating in the year 2016 after becoming close while filming together. However, two years later, agencies of both the artists confirmed their break up stating that the duo ‘naturally broke up’.

Did Seo In guk have plastic surgery?

A lot of questions have pop up on social media questioning if Seo In Guk had plastic surgery, especially after they have seen him before and after his surgery. There is a vast difference when photos of his past are compared to the present ones. Before surgery, he was carrying more weight than he seems to be carrying now.

Did Seo hyeon Seo have plastic surgery?

Having lost over 33 pounds (15 kg) since his debut through exercise and strict diet control, Seo’s changes in his physical appearance brought about rumors of plastic surgery.

Does Seo In guk sing again?

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Will Seo In guk and Jang Eun-Ji sing duet for drama?

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